Reminiscing on November

November like every month before it absolutely flew by. Who can believe that we are in December already? 2018 is just around the corner.

November was a super exciting month for us. A lovely weekend away with Ryan glamping, A trip to see Father Christmas with Ryan’s family and then we were all struck down with a bug!

We have so much to be thankful for November. We’ve had some amazing opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t change for a second.


What we got up to

The beginning of November was of course bonfire night. Shaniah went with her uncle and my parents to go watch the local Firework display. It was her first time seeing them and to be honest I was certain that they would be home before it finished because she isn’t a fan of loud noises. However, I was wrong and not only did they stay to the end she wanted to watch them again! We bought some sparklers and spent the rest of the week playing with those in the garden.

Sparkler time

A couple of weeks later we spent the day with Ryan’s family. Walking around Longleat and taking a magical train ride to Santa’s grotto. I absolutely love coming here around Christmas time. They really put so much effort into every little detail and the gifts that the children receive are absolutely incredible! Nothing beats a walk around the Festival of light after either.

Longleat father christmas

Later on in the month, Ryan and I were invited down to Caalm Camp to spend the weekend glamping! It was such an amazing opportunity and it is a memory that I will treasure forever. We will also be going back next year no doubts about it! Whilst we were there, Shaniah spent the weekend with my mother ice-skating, meeting Father christmas and shopping!

Caalm Camp Yurt

The last week of November was spent with the family each becoming ill one by one! Shaniah is now adamant that the sickness bug is in fact a real bug that is crawling around the house somewhere.

Favourite meal:

This month my favourite meal will have to be the Pizza and wine from Nisa local Heritage. It was a super quick yet extremely tasty meal that was perfect for us as we weren’t feeling 100%. I cannot wait to go and grab some more!

Pizza and wine from heritage

Favourite moment:

My favourite moment this month would have to be the weekend away at Caalm Camp without a shadow of a doubt. It was so nice to get away and the place was absolutely stunning. It was so quiet and peaceful. The name really speaks for itself. I will never go back to camping now. Glamping has won me over. The Yurt was just so warm! 

We spent one of the days at Haynes Motor Museum which was actually really interesting. It was great to see how cars have changed through the years. We learnt that some of the first cars didn’t have steering wheels instead they had a bar! I was also able to get photos of Michael Schumacher’s F1 car!

Haynes motor museum

haynes motor museumf1 car

Favourite post:

My favourite post this month would have to be the 100 truths tag, I had so much fun answering the many, many questions in this tag!

favourite Photo:

This has got to be my favourite photo of the month. It was taken when we took Shaniah to her first cinema experience to watch Olaf’s frozen adventure! She was so well-behaved and actually sat through it all and the first few minutes of Frozen as well! Super proud.

Shaniah watching Olaf's frozen Adventure


Well that’s it, that’s my favourite things of november.


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