Relax Sore Muscles

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Whether you have sore muscles because you have been working out hard to stay fit, because you have been spending a lot of time sitting at your desk working hard, or for completely random reasons, then you will know that it can be pretty painful and uncomfortable to deal with.

The good news is, there are lots of simple things you can do to relax sore muscles and get some much-needed relief right now:

See an osteopath

If you have sore muscles that have been sore for a while and show no signs of improvement, then looking for a good osteopath near me and going to have your body checked out is probably the best course of action to take because a muscle problem that goes on and on is likely to be something that needs medical attention. Below, you will find suggestions for when that is not so much the case.


If your muscles are aching, then the first thing you should try is some gentle stretching. Yoga and Pilates can both be very good at stretching out your muscles and enabling them to relax, but you do need to be careful, so talk to an instructor or physiotherapist and ensure you are stretching in a safe way for your muscle aches.

Apply an ice pack

If your muscles are sore because they are inflamed, then you will need to do everything you can to reduce that inflammation. One of the most effective treatments that you canadminister at home, then, is an ice pack.The cool ice will help to reduce swelling and inflammation, which will enable your muscles to relax and release pain and tension fast.

Try a hot bath

Of course, it is not just ice that can help to relax your muscles. If you have been exercising a lot and it has affected your muscles, then taking a hot bath, ideally filled with Epsom salts, will help your muscles to relax, along with your whole body, and you will start to feel so much better as your blood flow improves due to the heat, in no time at all.

Get a sports massage

Sports massages were literally created to help relax muscles and release pain, so even if your sore muscles are not the result of a sports injury per se, you might be able to find relief in a healthy way by booking your own sports or deep tissue massage. Just make sure you make the masseur aware of your muscle issues.


If you are having muscle pains, then this is a clear sign from your body that you need to slow down and take a period of rest where you put your feet up and do little to stress your muscles is the healthiest thing you can do right now.

You really don’t have to live with sore muscles – there are, as you can see, so many things you can do to relieve them and relax, so what are you waiting for?

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