Relax and unwind with Ooharr Facemasks.

Life can be pretty hard. No matter what you do during the day whether that be working or staying at home with your precious little ones at the end of the week we all feel the same. We all want nothing more than a lovely glass of Asti and a bath filled to the brim with bubbles right? My favourite thing to do at the end of the week is to relax with not only a bubble bath and a glass of Asti but also a facemask. I absolutely love facemasks, they do wonders for my skin whilst leaving me feeling super relaxed at the same time.

I have tried a load of facemasks in my time, some that peel, some that bubble, some that harden, some that wash off and some that heat up! It is fair to say that there are quite a few types of face masks out there. If the types of facemasks seem like a bottomless amount you should see the scents! There are hundreds and hundreds of different scents –  each promising to do something different to your skin.

I have recently been introduced to Ooharr, a company that produces facemasks that are fun and full of goodness. Their new range of products are natural, easy to use and best of all won’t break the bank.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that it isn’t just me who loves a good facemask at the end of the week, it is also my fun-loving boyfriend. We were kindly sent a couple of facemasks to try from Ooharr which we tried out last Friday.


The facemasks are ones that you wash off I love these ones however Ryan is crazy over the peel off masks because he loves to sit there and inspect them – Does anyone else do this?

I grabbed some slices of cucumber for my eyes and the fruity magic and headed to jump in to my overly bubbly bath. Ooharr facemasks are super easy to apply and there is a lot of product in the packaging, they smell absolutely incredible and fruity and they really do leave you with visible results. my one left my skin super soft with a lovely glow. Ryan’s also had the same result which he was extremely happy with as he has dry skin.

They only cost £1.20 which I think is a total bargain, and there are loads to choose from! We will certainly be purchasing more.



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