Puxton Park 10 year celebrations

Puxton Park – Review

Puxton Park recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and we were lucky enough to be invited along to join in their celebrations! Puxton Park is only an hours drive straight down the motorway for us and it’s a place that we were thinking of going in the summer holidays so we were excited to be given the chance to check it out sooner than we thought.

Puxton park is very well sign posted which made the drive down that much more relaxing. Upon reaching our destination it is clear that the owners have put in so much thought into even the smallest of details and that really does make all the difference, the car park is very spacious and the entrance to the park is very bright and welcoming.

Puxton Park 10 year celebrations
The bridge to the entrance of Puxton was lined with colourful balloons.

The entrance to Puxton Park was lined with beautiful brightly coloured balloons that represented the upbeat staff within. The entrance was also very spacious and well presented, the staff were absolute diamonds the first thing you notice is their welcoming smiles, there was hardly a queue as they make their way through us so quickly which is a gods send when you have little ones with you. Shaniah was immediately drawn in to the throne and insisted on having a picture in the “Princesses chair”.

Puxton Park Birthdays

We also purchased some animal feed for a spectacular price of £1! Then it was time to head to the cafe for refreshments after the journey. The cafe was spotless and certainly a place where you could relax, the refreshments were amazing value for money and whilst we sat down and enjoyed our drinks Shaniah was busy playing in the little play area in the corner of the cafe which was easy to keep an eye on. The breakfast was extremely good value too most of which is produced on site as Puxton is in fact a working farm!Puxton Park Cafe Puxton Cafe Play areaPuxton Park Breakfast menu

Once we were all re-energised and Shaniah had been prised away from the play area we headed out to take a look around. Upon exiting the cafe we were greeted by a giant farmer who had come along for the weekend to join in with the celebrations, you see giants love celebrating too and this one was extremely friendly.

giant farmer of puxton park

Off we went in search for some animals. We were all utterly taken back by just how big Puxton park is, never in our wildest imaginations did we think that it was so big, Shaniah was absolutely loving checking out all the animals.

Shaniah was so excited that Santa had given Puxton park his reindeer to look after! And us adults were mesmerised by their true beauty, I for one have never seen one so close. A truly magical experience.

Next, we saw their ponies, how cute and utterly photogenic is the foal?

How photogenic are these guys? Shaniah again had to be ushered on because she would have happily spent the day sat beside them.

Here are a few of the other animals we met on our adventure:

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After we had explored the outdoor animals that Puxton had to offer we went inside a building to see what was lurking within. Shaniah was bursting with excitement along with so many other children beside her when they saw that there were rabbits and guinea pigs available to be stroked, what child doesn’t love to do that?

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Also within the building were these fella’s check out the vain goat!

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Whilst taking these photos I was alerted by a member of staff that Animal Encounters was about to start, so we headed to the theatre. Joe, the guy doing Animal encounters was lovely and full of facts, he made the show very interactive for the younger ones and Shaniah was that drawn in that she stayed still the whole time and believe me that hardly ever happens!

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A short while after animal encounters was finished we made our way to the free tractor ride which conveniently started a few minutes after animal encounters had finished. The tractor ride proved very popular meaning we had to wait about 10 minutes for our go, that wasn’t too bad and it seemed to go quite quickly. Once it was our turn we were at the front which was Shaniah’s dream as she absolutely loves tractors! Puxton Park

The tractor took us through Puxton Parks working farm, by through I mean actually in the barns that is something truly unique to Puxton as I can’t recall any other farm we’ve been to doing that, it truly was something special and very educational to the little ones!

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on the tractor ride back the driver asked us if we wanted to go fast and with the cheers rising he delivered an astonishing 10mph! F1 eat your heart out!

Our stomachs were starting to rumble now so we headed to the cafe, We had a look on their website the day before and we had all decided that a roast was definitely on the cards, and for the price you couldn’t go wrong! For the little one she had Homemade chicken nuggets which were absolutely gorgeous (Yes I may have had one, oops!).

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The beef was the most amazing beef I had ever tasted and little one ate most of her food which is a major win! Shaniah was itching to go on the giant chair…

puxton park

With our food digesting we decided to take a trip on the free train! Yes they really do have everything here.  There were some unexpected animals to be seen during the ride too, in the shape of a crocodile!

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During the ride we heard some very familiar songs so we headed towards the music to go check it out. It was the Mangled Wurzels!

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Fair play to them they sounded great and their enthusiasm was right up there, the crowd was loving it. We then decide to try out the entertainment around for the little one. There was so much to do it truly is amazing!

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After we had exhausted all the rides we decided it was time to call it a day so of course the day wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to their shop to collect a souvenir, in the shape of a cute little teddy!

Puxton park

The great thing about Puxton Park is the fact that they don’t charge you to let your little ones have fun, once you’ve paid your entry fee then there really isn’t much else you have to pay to use, yes there is a few things but that is never anything more than a pound it truly is an amazing day out no matter what your budget is. The staff are all incredibly friendly and love what they do and everything is to the highest of standards. We shall certainly be back.

*Disclaimer: Puxton Park offered us free entry to celebrate their anniversary in return for an honest review. All pictures and opinions are my own and you will find no affiliate links here.*

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