5 Products That Will Protect Your Home (That You Didn’t Know About)

Your home is your safe haven. You will want to protect your home at all costs and at all times of the day. There are obvious features that protect your homes, such as double locks and security cameras. However, there are some features that you may not have thought of that can protect your home and heighten its security.

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Weatherproof paint

If you wonder why your home’s exterior is always withering away and becoming easily damageable, then it most likely due to the weather and a lack of weatherproof materials. You can purchase Bitumen paint, which is an effective weatherproof paint that can withstand all types of weather and can prevent corrosion. 

Weatherproof paint can be used on many surfaces and added to your home’s exterior to protect your home. Using effective paint will reduce maintenance efforts and also prevent weather from damaging your home.

Low trees

Although you might think that tall trees and fences are ideal to increase privacy, they are not ideal if you want to protect your home from criminals. If you have tall trees, criminals may easily be able to avoid being spotted by you, neighbors, or security cameras. Changing your trees or cutting down existing ones is an easy landscaping tip that will keep burglars away.
If you install lower trees in your garden, intruders will know that they have more chance of being seen. Thus, they will deter from intruding on your property, which will protect your home and reduce its vulnerability to intruders. Low trees are also a great maintenance tip as they require less effort to keep short and healthy.

Garden furniture locks

For those that have garden furniture and like to keep it out for most of the year, when the weather is dry, you might want to consider furniture locks. Locking down your furniture to the floor will prevent intruders from easily being to move or steal it. With hard surfaces, you can use anchors that will hold your furniture into place. 

Additionally, you can use locks to ensure that smaller exterior features do not blow away easily in the wind. For instance, you can add locks to hanging baskets to prevent them from being moved or blown down on a windy day. 

Add more gravel

When a person walks into your driveway, you will most likely not hear them if you have smooth concrete floors. By adding gravel, footsteps will be amplified. Thus, you will always be able to hear when someone is entering the home. The more gravel you add, the louder the sound will be.

Timed lights

You may have automatic lights that turn on when someone enters the property. These are a common feature to increase your visibility when you arrive home in the dark and also deter intruders. 

But, adding inside timed lights that make it look like you are in when you are not will likely deter intruders. Instead of leaving your home in the dark when you go away or out for the day, the timed lights will turn on at random intervals to make it look like someone is occupying the home. 

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