Primark Disney Mini Haul

I will never be too old for Disney.

The end of September always means the start of Christmas shopping for me. For the second year in a row, Shaniah is mad about anything Disney – She gets that from me!

If you ever pop around ours, you will very rarely see Shaniah in anything other than a Princess dress!

We headed out to Cabot Circus, for the day with Christmas presents in mind all I had to do was find them!

I knew that I would need Disney themed things for my little Princess but for others, I wasn’t too sure. I managed to get a cute Princess dress from H&M when I went in to find a unicorn outfit that I had seen a few weeks prior.

Cabot Circus is known for its MASSIVE Primark which I always have to pop into whenever I am near. IT HAS 4 FLOORS!

I went in and picked up the usual stuff that I get when I enter, yet my eyes were taken to something much, much more exciting –


Yep, you read that right, Primark is literally bursting at the seams with all things Disney! This is simply perfect for Christmas ideas! I managed to purchase a whole load of stuff – even a couple of things for myself! Here is what I got…

  1.  Disney Chip (Beauty & the Beast) Jumper – £8

    Disney Primark
    I am certain that you can probably already imagine how excited I became when I stumbled across the Disney Jumpers hanging up on the wall in Primark. There were absolutely loads of them, Every big Disney movie you could possibly imagine there was guaranteed to be a jumper related to it. I wanted them all, however I managed to cut it down to just two. *cries*

  2. Disney Marie (Aristocats) Jumper – £8

    I absolutely love these jumpers, they are super fluffy inside which makes them perfect for the upcoming winter months (or every day of the year for me as I am always cold!) I also love the price, they are incredible quality for the price which is always a win in my book. I just wish I had bought more…

  3.  Disney Cinderella Dress – £12Primark
    Blimey, this Christmas shopping is turning out to be super easy! In the children’s section, there were a few Princess dresses. I couldn’t believe the quality of the dresses for only £12! I had purchased one for £17.99 earlier that day which quality wasn’t nearly as good as this. I was super impressed if not a little pee’d off that I could have just got them from here! The sizing is super here too –  as I sized it up against Shaniah but when she asked if she could wear it I had to tell her it was in fact for Ryan’s niece!
  4.  Disney Frozen 3 piece set – £7

    Primark Haul
    Shaniah is absolutely obsessed with Frozen, in fact I think it is her favourite Disney theme of all time and she cannot wait for the new movie that is coming out shortly… To be honest, I don’t think I can either! The quality like always is super. The hat feels extremely warm which means it’ll be perfect for those snowy days in the garden.

  5.   Disney Mrs. Potts (Beauty & the Beast) Coin holder –  £6Primark

    Oh my Gawd!!! Isn’t this coin holder simply the best? I just had to purchase it, Disney fever hit me hard in this shop!  If you think that is awesome check out number 6…

  6.  Disney Chip (Beauty & the Beast) Coin holder – £4

    Primark haul
    CHIP! These are super-duper quality and look even cuter! They also had Lumiere but I don’t know why I didn’t get him?

  7.  Disney Chip and Mrs. Potts ( Beauty & the Beast) pom-pom Key ring – £2

    primark haul

    It just jumped into my basket I swear! Seriously though, I went through the phase of always having a pom-pom on my handbag now not only does Shaniah love handbags, she also loves pom-pom keyrings too! This one is super cute yet super cheap –  What is not to like?

  8.  Disney Chip (Beauty & the Beast) Bag – £5

    Primark haul
    Like I said before, Shaniah is mad about handbags and Disney so why not combine the two? This Chip bag has got to be the cutest right? I absolutely love it – If only I could fit all my stuff inside it!

So, there we have it that is my mini Primark haul of all things Disney! Have you purchased anything from their Disney range? Maybe you have spotted something here that you need? Let me know in the comments!



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