Primark beauty mini haul!


Last week I popped into Primark after hearing good things about their make up range. I tried their false nails back last year when I first heard about them and I was pleasantly surprised, for £1 their nails stayed put for a good few days which was a major shock to me.

When I entered the beauty part of the store I was mesmerized their make up range had indeed multiplied – DRAMATICALLY!

My eyes were immediately drawn to the massive array of false nails that they now have, last year they only had a small selection but now they have every colour you could think of with every nail shape imaginable. I could have spent a small fortune on their nails alone if I didn’t have my mum there to rein me in, my daughter on the other hand was encouraging my spending by picking some that would look great on me too (Shaniah what are you doing to me girl?)

So what nails did I narrow it down to? lets see…


Every girl loves pink right? I couldn’t help but fall in love with this matte pink colour, I’m a sucker for pointed nails too so this was an outright winner for me.20170413_180052

Next, this is one of the ones Shaniah picked up for me. I’m unsure whether I’d have picked them up myself but the colour is growing on me, maybe it gives me a reason to go clothes shopping?


Thirdly, Nude. Every girl loves Nude colours and I for one am no exception, in fact I loved these so much I decided to put them on as soon as I got home!


Look great right? They lasted a great amount of time too, eventually I had to take them off as they were proving difficult to mother in. Nappy changes became even more difficult than they usually are.


The Unicorn within let out a little yelp! Look at these bad boys. I’m still excited now and I’ve had them nearly a week! I’ve chosen to save these until my birthday as we are going for a meal and I just think they’ll look great.

I then took a look around the make up but there wasn’t much in stock, surely that’s a good thing though? I mean, it must be good if everyone’s buying it? I picked up two lip liner pencils and went in search of matching lipsticks but im guessing they were sold out too?

The funny thing about these two is the fact that they are pretty much the same shade just ones a little lighter.


Lastly, I picked up a set of their eyelashes, I’m yet to try their eyelash range so I’m very keen to see how they turn out.

So that’s everything from my mini haul, have you tried any of these? Maybe there’s something you recommend that I haven’t got? Leave a comment below and let me know. Also I’d be very, very grateful if you could follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you.


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