Public relations – a bloggers best friend.

The world of blogging is a pretty incredible place, Although it may sound a little lonely it is actually a very sociable hobby. You get to mingle with a load of other bloggers, some become some of your greatest friends, you get invited to some amazing events and you get to talk to a load of professional people in the business industry and the wonderful people in public relations.

You see, when you are aspiring to become an influencer you come across quite a few people in the public relations sector.  These people are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet. There are many, many people in public relations. One person who is very well-known and amazing in the pr business is Nancy Behrman founder of behrman creations, she has been in the pr industry for over 30 years which is very impressive!

Being an influencer means that sometimes you may find yourself being invited to some pretty exciting events this week I have been to one with Lush celebrating their new Spring range and this weekend I am off to Professional Beauty where I hope to get some inspiration for some upcoming posts.

The world of blogging/influencing is a big one. Some people enter it for the right reasons, others not so much and those that do it for all the wrong reasons make it very hard for those that are trying to make a living out of it. You see, you don’t become a big blogger over night. It takes time, a lot of effort, tears, late nights and money. Yes money. You need to put a lot into your blog to be able to get something out of it. PR people prefer those that have their own domain and this requires you to purchase your web address. If you want to attract the eyes of companies that you would love to work with you may wish to review some products that you already have by them or maybe even purchase a few bits – hauls are becoming a big thing at the moment.

PR people are there to be the carrier pigeon between you and the brand you wish to work with. Brands/companies will hire a someone who will then work alongside bloggers or press people and help get the brand out there. So say you are wanting to review a new lipstick, a quick search on the company’s website and you will be able to find the email for the PR that works for that company and they may be able to help you get that lippy to review.

Public relation people are the kindest people you will meet however, they aren’t fairy godmothers so they can’t give you massive hauls of products only ask for the things you truly need for your post and don’t be greedy.



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