Potty Training Terror

8th July 2017

Ahh the dreaded potty training, Shaniah has always been reluctant when it comes to the potty and doing what you’re actually supposed to do with it, as a result we tried all the methods under the sun to try to make this work we tried things like, reading books whilst on the potty, playing games whilst on the potty, playing musical chairs and even using the dreaded iPad Moan away, iPads were practically made for mums at the end of their tether. Shaniah has now come to the conclusion that she will be still wearing nappies well into her teens –  No sweetcheeks that is a definite no. I for one will not be wiping your dimpled bottom any longer than I need to. With that said I dragged her to the car (only kidding no children were hurt during this, one mention of shops and she will happily go into the car by herself) and set off in search for potty training aids in fact no I was setting off in search for anything that would make this a walk in the park because quite frankly I think climbing Kilimanjaro would be easier than wrestling a toddler that is so set in her ways.

Once we got to said supermarket we darted to the baby aisle quicker than Husain Bolt to the finish line, however once we arrived in the correct aisle I was absolutely confuzzled by what I actually needed. There’s all these things aimed at children who are taking the leap to independence but what actually works? Is it trial and error? Do I need to get every single thing here and do a catwalk of potty training aids? Pretty sure all the books made this seem a lot more easier than it actually is!

About a lifetime and an hour later we left the shop with what seemed like the whole of the children’s aisle still unsure whether what we got was correct!

We got home and whipped off Shaniah’s nappy and vowed that this was the back of them. We then replaced them with Pampers pull-ups which Shaniah actually loved – hurrah! She was asking to use the toilet but then she realised that they are really no different to nappies and she could still have a wee in them whilst going about her day without having to try for the potty – gah! Next we tried Dry Like Me toilet training pads, which sit inside real underwear they’re super absorbent but they do leave a wet feel so the child know that they have done a wee in their undies! I thought these were a brilliant idea but Shaniah on the other hand hated it! She hated the feeling that was left behind once she had done a whoopsie I am guessing that is simply down to the fact that nappies genuinely tend to absorb it all and hide the evidence whereas these make it well-known. On to our next lot then… the mighty Huggies Pull-Ups Shaniah absolutely loves these and spends her days (and nights) wearing them, I have a feeling the fact that they have princesses and Elsa and Anna on may have something to do with that! It is surprising how even at the age of 3 she is influenced by how things look.

We are now just coming out of our second week of this potty training malarkey and I can honestly say I am starting to agree with her I do believe she will be picking up her GCSE’s before coming home to a nappy change. She knows what to do because she does it she just wont give up a few seconds play to have a sit down on the potty which is unhygienically placed in front of the tv (I am sorry) even the idea of a treat (which is usually a Kinder egg I won’t lie I am trying everything) isn’t good enough to make her spend just 2 minutes still on that potty, she just wants to play! Night time however is a completely different story she is dry as a bone the majority of time but day time hell no she will pee in those pull-ups all day long! Is she lazy already? What on earth is her teenage years going to be like?

So here we are, going into our (said through gritted teeth) third week of potty training armed with Pull-ups (only now to be used when going out), one butt naked very set in her ways toddler, some treats and an iPad on full charge!

Will we conquer this? Hell yeah!

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10 responses to “Potty Training Terror”

  1. Katy Stevens says:

    You will get there I’m sure. Try not to be hard on yourself, all little ones just do things in their own time. Frustrating as that is sometimes!

  2. Oh gosh, brings back memories, not only of my children but I used to childmind too. “Such fun” as Miranda’s mum would say.
    You’ll get there, she might surprise you with one day just suddenly deciding she wants to wear pants and not look back. Good luck ?

  3. Pottty training is super challenging no doubt. The reward chart stickers worked for us (and Elsa pants!) but we left it quite late and did it very slowly so there wasn’t pressure. There’s definitely no right way – it’s a hard thing to learn after being used to just going whenever they please!

  4. Eek, good luck!! Personally from experience, if she’s not getting the hang of it yet I’d just wait. She’s probably just not ready. I’d avoid pull ups at all costs too, they’re essentially just nappies so can be a little confusing. She’ll crack it soon enougb 🙂 x

  5. Sarah says:

    You’ll get there, I remember potty training my second child and really expecting her to be in pullups for most of her life.. safe to say I am dreading potty training my third!

  6. Gosh potty training is so stressful isnt it! Good luck! x

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