Party planning

In June my not so little baby is turning 3! Yes, three. I was sat down at the weekend with Ryan watching Shaniah tear up the lounge when these words came out of my mouth with instant regret… “I think we should throw her a party this year” WAIT.STOP.WHAT? what could have possibly been going through my mind at that point? I could have postponed this monstrosity for at least another couple of years. Ryan thought that it was a great idea, I swear men are only there to stop you making silly mistakes? obviously not. Shaniah  over heard the whole conversation and new two days on our days consist of “I wear my shoes and go on bouncy castle? Yeh? Yeh? Okay.” Every second of the day this question pops up, I don’t think I’ll be able to cope with this all the way up to June I mean come on this is worse than Supermarkets dragging out Christmas.

Sunday night once Shaniah had gone to bed we decided to look up venues, I can honestly say I’ve never wanted a bigger glass of wine. After hours of searching we finally settled for our local sports center who hold a 2 hour party for £95 for up to 25 children. There’s 2 bouncy castles and soft play and then a side room for the food. We have to provide the food but that didn’t bother us too much as we can give the children food they will actually eat (Again what was I thinking here?).

For the theme we were going to do a princess theme as Shaniah’s two main obsessions are Disney princess/Frozen and Peppa Pig, and any parents who have to sit through hours of Peppa Pig will know that throwing a Peppa themed party wasn’t even up for discussion, That was until Ryan pointed out that there will be both girls and BOYS at this party…Ohh yes. I don’t think boys will be happy with the whole Princess layout so sadly we had to choose Peppa.

Next, on our crazy ideas list we thought we’d name all the food, we have fruit and veg called grandma’s fruit/veg patch, dinosaur shaped nuggets for George’s dinosaur and then we got to the sandwiches…Ah. we can’t exactly call ham sandwiches Peppa’s sandwiches can we? We have a dilemma!

After that I gave up poured myself a glass of wine and admitted defeat for the night!


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