Tips for moving on from the dummy.

26th September 2018

Chances are you have stumbled across this post because you’re about to take the leap to remove the use of dummies. I have been there and I left it a lot later than I should have simply because I felt Shaniah needed it, she didn’t. Looking back on it, it was obvious that she didn’t and she was simply using it because it was there.…

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How Ismail Sirdah inspires my photos.

23rd September 2018

I love photography, ever since I can remember I always loved to look at pictures on the wall of cafe’s or hanging up in the gallery of my local town hall. There’s just something about a photo that tells a thousand words. It wasn’t long before I requested a camera of my own, before this I was using my mother’s camera and there is just…

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How to have a good Christmas on a budget.

21st September 2018

… It’s possible. X Factor has returned to our screens and if you’re anything like us you’ll associate this show with Christmas, how can you not? When I was a youngster as soon as the auditions came on I would always get super hyper. Fun for me, you can imagine that my parent’s weren’t best pleased half way through September! Now however, as an adult…

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A guide to looking after your childs skin.

19th September 2018

#OneTwoFreeYourSkin. We are now into Autumn, hurray! I love, love, love Autumn. I love the fact that it gives me the perfect excuse to wear my jeans and knitted jumpers paired nicely with my Chelsea boots and kick about the orange leaves that are scattered across the ground. For Shaniah however, it’s not so great. Her skin is so young and sensitive that  Spring and…

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What I am loving this month.

17th September 2018

This is one series that I haven’t done in a while but it is one that I love so I am going to continue! September Like every month before, there are many, many things which I am loving this month… Way too many to write down so I have tried to whittle it down to my top 10. It was hard, oh so hard but I…

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