Own those unexplained stains.

15th October 2018

Unexplained stains, you know the ones children come out with after a fun day at school. Goodness Shaniah comes out most days looking like a painters palette with stains of every colour of the rainbow sprawled across her once white shirt. Every day is the same, I get her up, put on a clean outfit, do her hair nicely and set off for school, only…

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Let’s Talk Weddings.

13th October 2018

Let’s talk weddings. Friday we were treated to our second Royal wedding of the year. I love a good wedding, they always get me thinking about how I would have my wedding and what my dream dress would be like although a wedding is way off the cards at the moment and when the time actually comes my ideas are more than likely going to…

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Giving the personal touch with Tesco Photo.

12th October 2018

It’s that time of the year again, the time of year where we start thinking about what we are going to gift our loved ones for Christmas, or if you’re on the ball start purchasing! gifting adults can be tricky, you never really know what to get them do you? I often find myself heading down the personalised route and that often brings out smiles…

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Break the Epilepsy stigma with PNK Lettuce

8th October 2018

This wasn’t the path I was going to head down when it came to writing about my new favourite piece of jewellery, but hey, nature works in mysterious ways doesn’t it? I was a little quiet on the jolly old social media sites yesterday afternoon and it was with good (shit) reason. It’s no secret that I suffer live with Epilepsy, I mean for goodness…

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Fakeaway Kebab | Friday Food.

5th October 2018

It’s Friday! Which obviously means that the weekend is only a few hours away. I hear your excited screeches. If you are anything like Ryan, then it’s around this time where you start craving all things takeaway. You can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as the hands on the clock hit 3pm on a Friday, I will get a text along the lines…

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