Thursday Throwback

Thursday throwback!

This week’s thursday throwback is way back to Shaniah’s 1st birthday! Shaniah was born only 2 days before her uncles 9th birthday which means that their celebrations are always going to be so close together. Ashley has always been so close to her even since before she was born he seemed to have a connection… Read More Thursday throwback!

our day to day.

Help! My child has learnt to swear!

Now I am forever trying to encourage my daughter to learn new words, we regularly sit down and I get her to repeat words – good words. The amount of times I have to repeat words like ‘butterfly’ only to be answered with ‘flutterfly’ or ‘cuddles’ when I ask her to say ‘puddles’ even Peppa Pig hasn’t helped me out with that one! However if I am in  a different room and I quietly say a naughty word in she comes running and shouting her new found word, not only has she managed to hear it but it is the most perfectly clear pronunciation ever! … Read More Help! My child has learnt to swear!