Tonight's sky is one to check out!

10th February 2017

Tonight (Friday 10th February) the sky is going to be a magical one! If you find looking into the night sky interesting then tonight is one night you don't want to miss. tonight stargazers will be treated to three pretty incredible astronomical events, yep you read it right not one but THREE!…

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Longleat Festival of light, 2016.

Our trip to Longleat for the festival of light 2016.…

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Meeting Father Christmas. Longeat, December 2016.

9th February 2017

Christmas is a magical time for anyone young or old. It's a time of celebration, family and joy. We always make the effort to see Father Christmas as that's what makes Christmas for children. …

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Tropicana little bottles review.

Tropicana have brought out their juice in little bottles perfect for children’s lunchboxes! I first noticed these during my shop at ASDA and just had to but them. They come in two flavours, Orange without bits Apple Tropicana little bottles have no added sweeteners or sugar which makes them one of yours and your little ones 5 a day. great right? We gave them a…

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This morning was one to forget.

Good morning sweeties! This morning was one of those mornings I'd like to forget. My 11 year old brother decided to play up majorly before school which resulted in us driving him to the school doors and a teacher getting him out from the car. Some say ADHD doesn't exist and that it's just parents giving their children a label. Truth is you'll never truly…

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