Party planning

21st February 2017

In June my not so little baby is turning 3! Yes, three. I was sat down at the weekend with Ryan watching Shaniah tear up the lounge when these words came out of my mouth with instant regret… “I think we should throw her a party this year” WAIT.STOP.WHAT? what could have possibly been going through my mind at that point? I could have postponed…

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Garlic chicken.

18th February 2017

This is a dish that the whole family loves, its cheap and easy to make with the added wow factor. Perfect for families, dinner parties, anything! This serves 4. to make this dish you will need: 900g of chicken thighs with the bone in. 2 teaspoons of salt 1 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoonsof  plain flour 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil 15…

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The last time.

17th February 2017

As many of you may have seen, my other half has had to do night shifts this week resulting in me spending the evenings alone once Shaniah had gone to bed. You may have noticed on my Instagram that I was starting to plan her 3rd birthday. She can’t be three already? She’s my baby. So I sat there and I thought about how much…

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5 Things they never told you about being parents.

16th February 2017

When Shaniah came along I had only just turned 17. I did everything a first time parent does, I read pretty much all the parenting books and listened to what everyone had to say (both good and bad) and I was certain that I had all the knowledge I needed to dive head first into this whole parenting malarkey. Boy how wrong was I? 1.…

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My life with Epilepsy

Even though my blog name has Epilepsy in it I am yet to talk about it with you all. Today is a bit of a slow news day here in terms of what to uploaded on my blog so I thought now might be the time to get it up. I haven’t always had Epilepsy in fact up until i was 12 I was just…

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