Take time out of the virtual world and spend it with those you love.

13th February 2017

Tomorrow is Valentines day (most shops are open to 10 if you’ve forgotten to pick something up!) Ryan and I had vowed to not get each other anything this year but instead let each other know how much they mean to us 365 days of the year. although we weren’t going to celebrate it we planned to have a chilled out evening with our favourite…

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Heinz snap pots.

Today I am reviewing Heinz Snap pots. I spotted these whilst out shopping at the weekend and instantly decided to give them a try. Like most children her age, Shaniah find’s waiting for anything especially food impossible and as these pots boast a one minute cooking time I thought it was a product that just had to come home with us. They had loads of…

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The most important time is family time.

12th February 2017

Today we decided to cook for my mother and her partner, I don’t mind Cooking for people in fact I bloody love it! As it’s Sunday I decided I’d do a Sunday roast what could possibly go wrong? Nothing if you stick to what you know… Me being me decided to fancy up the beef by adding red wine to it. Tamara why? It’s the…

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Being a young mum through the public's eye.


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Autism and full moons.

10th February 2017

As we are due our February full moon tonight I thought I’d share an interesting fact with you all about how Autism is effected by the full moon, yep that’s right a full moon really does turn people into Werewolves! We’ve noticed for a while that my brother Ashley’s behaviour tends to get worse around a certain time of the month, after a few months of…

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