Relationships can be tough.

28th February 2017

For a few weeks now my relationship with my boyfriend Ryan has been extremely difficult. It’s not easy for anyone when you love someone and suddenly things change, it hurts and it truly sucks. It got me thinking though, when is the right time to call it quits? Ryan and I have been dating just over two years. He entered my life just as it…

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Teletubbies are 20?

The nineties baby inside of me was shocked earlier this week when it was announced that those crazy characters known as the Teletubbies are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Yes you read that right, its been 20 whole years or 2 decades since we first saw these little creatures known famously for having antennas on their heads and screens on their stomachs on our screens. When…

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Intergalactic Lush bath bomb!

27th February 2017

Last week I tried out Lush’s intergalactic bath bomb. Upon unpacking I couldn’t wait to get it in my bath I love, love, love their glittery ones like the dragons egg and this one seemed to be glittery on the outside too it was like it was bursting with glitter I was so excited I placed it into the bath and this immideate display of…

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Sakura Lush Bomb.

Today in my bath I decided to use the Sakura bath bomb. If you are a regular on my blog you’ll know I absolutely love my bath bombs, fill me a tub and chuck in a bath bomb and we will be friends for life, love them!   So today I decided I’ll take Sakura in with me, it looks pretty plain on the outside…

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Garnier SkinActive Volcano Mask review.

23rd February 2017

Garnier have added a variety of face masks to their SkinActive range and I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to try one out. There are 5 to choose from, each promising something different to the others. I decided to try out the volcano mask as it specialises in minimising and reducing the look of pores. Which was perfect for me considering I’ve…

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