No7 leave a trail of glitter Christmas box review!

7th March 2017

For Christmas I was lucky enough to recieve not one but 2 of these amazing No7 gift boxes packed with a handful of their products. I've been using the products every day now since Christmas and I bloody love it so I thought I'd share whats inside with you all.…

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Weekend in review. 4/3/17

6th March 2017

This weekend has been quite a boring one for us. The weather wasn't the best which meant there was little we could do.…

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Aldi Mamia – review.

3rd March 2017

As a parent I only want the best for my child, be that nutritional healthy food all the way through to toiletries. We wouldn’t use any products on our skin that weren’t up to standard or irritated us so we certainly wouldn’t do that to our children either. When it comes to nappies and wetwipes for my daughter I am extremely fussy and likewise so…

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If you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will spend its life believing its stupid.

2nd March 2017

Last September my brother moved up to secondary school and one thing for certain is the fact schools don’t really cater to a child’s individual needs. All the schools are interested in is beating the average GCSE grade from the year before that they don’t stop to think that unless they help children with areas that they struggle in they will only just scrape the…

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L'Oréal extraordinary clay review.

1st March 2017

I’ve been using these since they came out and as I haven’t wrote a review in a while I thought I would do one about these as I love them. My hair has always been dull and flat, it’s never been bouncy like celebrities. So when this product came out and promised lightweight roots for 72 hours I was extremely excited to see the results.…

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