Packing For Disneyland Soon? You Must Read This First

I consider going to Disneyland a privilege. Growing up my parents took me to Disneyland every year. Back then, I thought I was super lucky to have that opportunity. However, now I realise just how incredibly fortunate I was, how much work my parents had to do to save and give me such memories.

I have recently returned from Disneyland and I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be able to take Shaniah to the place where dreams come true. My fondest memories are those that I hold of Disneyland. Seeing Shaniah meet some of her idols melted my heart.

I will admit that I overpacked for this trip, even whilst searching the web for tips! Now I’m back I thought it would be the perfect time to come at you with MY tips, things that worked for us and things that didn’t.

So here goes.

Packing comfortable walking shoes is a must.

I knew before I headed out to Disneyland that I would be walking a hell of a lot, what I didn’t realise was that I would be walking enough to hit my daily targets two times over. Comfortable walking shoes or trainers are the perfect options, you would be a fool to pack boots or heels!

Like shoes, comfortable clothes are a must!

You are going to want to pack clothes that don’t rub or feel tight when you walk long distances. Skirts or dresses without tights are a no go for me because you know, chub rub! Whilst thinking about what clothes to pack, clothes that you’ll be happy having photographic evidence of is also a must. I mean, I love tracksuits, they are the comfiest clothing besides PJs that I own, however, I wouldn’t want my photos/memories to be of me in my tracksuit! Leggings and a nice top were firmly on my list.

Don’t pack too many clothes!

I packed new items of clothing for every day that I was there, truth is, besides changing my underwear every day I wore my fleece-lined leggings for pretty much half of the holiday I came home with 3 pairs of leggings that seemed to have just joined me for the journey, never to see the light of day. If your clothes aren’t dirty there’s nothing wrong with wearing them for an extra day, and by packing less it means you can bring home more! That’s got to be a win right?

Pack your children their costumes!

I packed Shaniah a couple of outfits however, she decided that he would rather wear her outfits than her everyday clothes, I can’t blame her! When she met the same character as she was dressed as it made it all the more magical, the characters recognised it and well, I won’t spoil the surprise! If it’s cold pack tights, leggings and a t-shirt to go underneath.
They’re only kids for a short amount of time!

A good backpack or bum bag is a must.

I have a rather large collection of handbags all covered in Disney characters that I am sure would look amazing in Disneyland however, they’re just not practical. Pick a medium-sized backpack which fits all of your things in, and that you can then fit between your feet when you hit the rides. My mother used to take a bum bag and I think that is such a good idea. They’re also back in fashion too so you’re on to a winner there.

Pack a reusable water bottle.

Walking around Disneyland is thirsty work! We had to keep purchasing drinks which at nearly 4€ each, it was becoming a big expense. By the end of the first day, we purchased Shaniah a water bottle and filled it with water at our apartment which saved us A LOT of money in the long run.

Pack a poncho!

Self-explanatory really. Rain comes and goes, you don’t want to be left holding your heavy coat if the weather decides to change for the better. Bring a poncho, that way you’re protected from the rain, but you can also fold them up and stick them in your bag when the sun comes out to play!
At 10€ each in Disney stores over there, it’s an expense that you could save by being prepared.

Pack hand sanitiser.

Busy places such as Disneyland are the kind of places where germs love to spend their days as well as you. Hand sanitizer is a must in your backpack, especially when you have youngsters!

Download the Disneyland app.

flatlay of disney backpack and phone with the app open

This free app will prove invaluable throughout your trip. You can book a table, book FASTPASS, see what’s on, find the best rides for your little ones (and yourselves) and much, much more!

Hire a suitcase.

If you don’t want the hassle of storing your suitcase when you aren’t travelling why not hire a suitcase instead? Cargo drops off a suitcase and will also pick it up from your house once you’ve finished with your travels. They don’t ask you to clean it and if you scratch or damage it on your travels, they don’t mind about that either! All they ask is that you don’t try and fix it yourself.

Leave extra room in your suitcase. 

Don’t be like my mother! When we went to Florida my mother discovered her newfound love for TY beanies. Realising that she didn’t have enough space to bring all the teddies home in her suitcase she went to the mart and bought another suitcase specifically for the bundle of teddies she accumulated over the two weeks. Don’t be like her, leave some space for the souvenirs you will inevitably buy, or just don’t go overboard!

Pack clothes in bags per day.

This one is mainly for children. Everyone knows that you have got to take advantage of Disneyland’s magic hours, we also know that children aren’t the most co-operative of beings early in the morning. So to save yourself some energy, pack what clothes they’re going to wear each day in individual large sandwich bags, that way you are able to just grab out a bag and get them dressed, without having to fiddle around looking for an outfit. It also acts as a vacuum and I found that I was able to fit more in – Perfect for children who want to bring their whole fancy dress stash!

Bring or buy a lanyard with a plastic wallet.

This is something that I didn’t do but something that I will undoubtedly do next time. I managed to lose my park and hotel card THREE times during the week that I was away, Whilst the staff are more than happy to replace them free of charge, it does take a long time and becomes an all-round inconvenience. These lanyards with the plastic wallets are perfect for keeping the cards safe and near.

Those were just a few tips that we discovered over the week. Are you going? Do you have any tips? Leave a comment and let me know!


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