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Own those unexplained stains.

Unexplained stains, you know the ones children come out with after a fun day at school. Goodness Shaniah comes out most days looking like a painters palette with stains of every colour of the rainbow sprawled across her once white shirt.

Every day is the same, I get her up, put on a clean outfit, do her hair nicely and set off for school, only for her to leave the classroom at 3:15 covered in green grass stains, paint, glitter and unexplained brown stains (which I pray are mud). Sometimes we are even treated to a good old baked bean stain. She also takes out her hair bobbles during the day which results in her leaving the classroom looking like Worzel Gummidge.

The walk to the car also adds to the stains as she loves to kick up the leaves and do leaf angels on the grass.

Shaniah in the leaves

I naively thought that once Shaniah grew out of the toddler stage and headed for school that the laundry pile would stop resembling Mount Elbrus and start looking a little more Mount Wycheproof. I was wrong, oh how I was so wrong. Shaniah now requires her school uniform to be washed daily, what a ball-ache that is.

By the middle of the week my washing basket is filled to the brim with p.e kit, uniform, underwear and her football kit, each piece displaying a vast array of stains in different shapes and sizes.

Thankfully, these stains no longer faze me. In fact I encourage these messy ways, because I have a couple of products under my wing that remove all kinds of stains with ease and leave her uniform looking bright and fresh.

What are these products I hear you ask?

ace cleaning products

ACE Stain Removers!

Ace is here to make all my school uniform worries vanish. As soon as Shaniah comes home from school and changes out of her uniform I take them into the laundry room and this is where ACE works their magic.

Before the clothes go into the washing machine I like to spray the stains directly with the ACE stain removal which fizzes on contact with the stains and then leave them to do their thing whilst I get on with the dinner.

One thing that I noticed with the spray is the fact that it doesn’t have a chemically smell. I hate smelling the chemically smells when trying to tackle stains on anything not just clothes, so it was a breath of fresh air to use a product that wasn’t like that.

Once I had left ACE to do its thing it was now time to give them a wash as normal. I simply fill my washing machine like I normally would, using the products that I use every day and simply pour in a cap full of ACE for colours on top of the clothes.

pouring ace in the washing machine

Honestly, it really does work. I love how in the minutes that the clothes are spinning around in the washing machine the ACE duo work their magic and turn the stained clothes back to white and bring the coloured clothes back to their full potential and ready to endure yet another school day with Shaniah. You don’t need to put your clothes on any special cycle, just the one that you normally use and leave ACE to do the rest.


I love how you are able to use these products on coloured clothes without worrying that the product might end up bleaching the clothes. School uniform is expensive and if I can use a product that keeps the clothes in tip-top condition then boy am I happy. I honestly think that ACE makes light work of tough stains and in doing so makes the laundry pile less of a tedious task.

I trust ACE that much that I use it on Ryan’s work clothes. Being a painter means that his clothes are usually covered in paint splashes as well as himself. His once white t-shirts also have sweat stains which ACE made light work of.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEforSchool Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.

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