Our weekend in review – 1.4.17

This weekend was again another eventful one, the amount of mixed emotions was crazy. The past few months has been full of rubbish rainy days which meant that the majority of this year has been spent indoors, that’s no fun for anyone especially an energetic 2-year-old. The end of last month brought a very welcomed change to the weather, the days are getting longer and on top of that they are also getting hotter – HURRAY!

Our weekend was spent outdoors for the majority of the time which was such a relief as there wasn’t endless amounts of toys scattered across the lounge (mummy’s on a win!).

Saturday was the usual food shop in the morning and then Ryan had to go to Football so Shaniah and I decided we’d try our hands at making bath bombs, we failed. We made about 6 and at the end we only had one that worked oops, but we tried! Before we knew it Ryan was back home and Shaniah was demanding a trip to the park. the weather was gorgeous so why not? We got our shoes on and off we went! We spent a good hour and a bit there and Shaniah decided that for the whole time she would only actually play on one equipment – the slide!


Isn’t it amazing how the weather changes everyone’s mood? Everyone was out and smiling, they will all say hello whether you actually know them or not s irrelevant. Everyone just seems that much happier than they do when the weather is poopy. I love it!DSC01039


Sunday came, I wanted a nice relaxed day but it was far from it, Shaniah demanded a McDonald’s for lunch and as it’s the return of the monopoly thing Ryan also wanted one. so off we went then on the way back we remembered that Ryan was mean to go and help his parents in the garden. So instead of going home we decided that we’d go straight there. we spent the whole afternoon there which was lovely, Shaniah was messing around Ryan’s mum and she even managed to let their dogs out then said the reason for doing so is because they said that they wanted a biscuit.  As we were all enjoying each others company we decided that we’d all go out for dinner. Now if you’ve got a fussy toddler you’ll understand how my heart sank. We’ve been out a few times and she hasn’t even touched the food that came out for her and as she had a McDonald’s literally hours before I imagined this time to be no different. We gave it a go anyway because we very rarely get to spend time with Ryan’s side of the family so any opportunity we jump at. We got home at gone 7 and by this time Shaniah was shattered, she didn’t have a nap and she’s now over half an hour passed her bedtime. She just had one thing on her mind and that was bed which wasnt coming quick enough. I told her she had to get changed before she could go but there you go try telling that to a sleep deprived threenager. she fought me off and as a result I ended up popping the tip of my ring finger out of socket (ouch!!) Ryan at this point thought I was exaggerating what a bugger. It was only at 10pm that he decided to take a look at it and then managed to get it back in place. So our Monday morning was spent sat in our local minor injury unit which a toddler bored out of her mind and nothing to occupy her. biggest mum fail ever!

All in all though, despite the finger situation I absolutely loved this weekend and it will definitely be one that I shall remember for a while and whats better about this weekend is the fact we didn’t have to spend a penny on entries as it was all completely free (apart from dinner). So I guess what I’m trying to say is you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your children entertained sometimes just spending quality family in your local park is more than enough.


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