Our trip to Cornwall 2017

Saturday 17th June

It’s holiday time! Ryan wanted to set off early, by early I mean 8:30am early – I mean that’s like midnight for me! I’m never a morning person at the best of times and I’m certainly not a morning person when I’ve got to put stuff in the car at ridiculous o’clock!

Surprise, surprise Shaniah wasn’t playing the game, by this point I’m guessing she was too excited to care. Ryan likes keeping to schedule so as 8:30 was fast approaching and we were running late he wasn’t the happiest of people. Shaniah hid her shoes the night before and forgot where she put them so we were all running around the house turning it upside down in search for the runaways. Once we eventually found them Shaniah was adamant that she was going to wear her wellies instead. 28°c and she wants to wear them… I don’t think so. So there we were crying over leaving the wellies behind by we I actually mean her, even though I felt like a meltdown was on the horizon I was actually very calm! Ten points to mummy!

Once we managed to cram rubbish that we really didn’t need to take but we took it anyway into every nook and cranny of the car we were ready to set off…

  • suitcase? Check
  • Nappies? Check
  • Wet wipes? Check
  • Snacks? Obviously check!
  • Most importantly – Shaniah? Check

And we were off!
By this point I think we’d all be lying if we said we weren’t at least a tiny bit excited!

The journey down was pretty relaxed I mean we came across a few idiots but everyone knows you don’t need to go far to meet them. When we were nearly there we stopped off for some brunch then we set off again. By this time Shaniah was getting bored and there was nothing we could do to change that, we tried the iPad (I know, I know), we played Frozen, I-spy (failed with a three year old!) none of it worked! Eventually with only 20 minutes left of the journey she decided she was going to sleep!

Eventually we got to our lodge and the joyful task of unpacking the car was thrown at me! Man I hate that job. That is when it came to my attention that Ryan had packed not one game but five – yes five! What on earth was he thinking there? Baffled. 

Shortly after we had unpacked Ryan’s brother turned up! Shaniah has always had a soft spot for him and Freya (his and Kayleigh’s daughter) too! I guess that’s because there is only a years difference between them both.

The two of them played ball for a while then we decided we’d take them to the park, kids and adults love the park right? Perfect! It was there that Ryan realised that he was actually too tall for the toys at the park, specifically the pirate ship as he ended up with a beautiful graze on his back from the wood that he failed to fit through! Boys will be boys right?

After a good hour playing and getting hurt we decided we’d better feed the little ones so where did we choose? McDonalds of course! I didn’t get this figure from eating salad did I? Although saying that I always have the McChicken sandwich which has lettuce in it so that counts as healthy right?

After we had our dinner we popped into Morrisons (other shops were not available) and did our shop for the week as soon as we were about to head to the checkout Ryan decided that he really needed to pop to the bathroom. I guess I am paying then? 

Once we got back to our lodge it was way past Shaniah’s bedtime so off we went to the bedroom and headed to bed. Shaniah was having none of it and demanded we go home! That really made me feel bad, all I wanted was for her to have a good time and it was pretty clear she no longer was! Eventually after a couple of hours she managed to get to sleep. Ryan went out for a spot of fishing whilst I caught up on social media. My back was still hurting and the later it got the worse it got, I guess that’s down to the tablets wearing off? So at 10pm I decided to call it a day.

Tomorrow will be a better day I’m sure!

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