Our trip to Cornwall 2017 – Day 7

Friday 23rd June.

It is the last day of the holiday, tonight after Ryan and Pat have finished their fishing match we will be having our dinner then off on our journey home.

Although this is our last day we are determined to make it count. We spent the morning packing up our stuff and stripping the beds. I loaded up the car with all our stuff, I swear we are taking back much more than we arrived with? Happens every time!

After I had loaded up the car we offered the children their lunch and the chance to have a nap, although it was clear that they were too excited for what we had planned next to get some shut eye. We gathered up the little ones and headed for the soft play!

White acres has an on-site soft play centre which we always make an effort to go to each time we come down, both the children and us adults love playing in there and it is free for all which makes it a cheap but fun way to pass the time!


After we spent an a good portion of the afternoon lobbing balls around in the ball pit we all decided that we needed to go grab a drink, having fun is thirsty work! We popped into the on site shop and grabbed a couple of things then we decided (or more the kids decided) that we would spend some time in the arcade, it isn’t a proper beach holiday unless you put some 2p’s in a coin pusher right? Unfortunately having photosensitive epilepsy meant that spending a long time in there wasn’t the best idea so I got shaniah some coins and headed outside leaving them all to it. Sometimes I hate having a hidden illness! Lizzie the lizard, one of the sites mascots walked through the arcade and both Luke and Kayleigh managed to get photo’s of shaniah with her which choked me up a little as without them it I wouldn’t have been able to see such a cute moment!


Next we decided to head to the park, Shaniah has been requesting sand all morning and luckily for us all their parks had some! On our way we found one of the majorly oversized deck chairs so we demanded Luke sat in there and then passed him the children one by one, I’m not quite sure what I was hoping for apart from that lovely family/friendship photos you see all over insta whatever it was I was hoping for it was certainly clear that I didn’t get it!

Seven photos taken and not one of them was how I had imagined them being in my head, but what can I say apart from the fact that they are perfectly imperfect?

Off the little ones went, hand in hand until they got to the slides –  there is two side by side and Freya wouldn’t go down unless Shaniah went down the other one at the same time their friendship is seriously the cutest! There was a massive dragons egg with a dragons head poking out the top that had seats in which both Shaniah and Dawn liked the look of, Dawn found an egg within the egg that Shaniah quickly adopted… So much so she took it back with her and guarded it with her life – not cool.

Back to the caravan I was knackered! So I took Shaniah to the room with me and we had a little nap… in the shape of 2 hours! Oops! By the time I woke up Ryan should have been on his way back but he was running late by late I mean an hour late, the trouble with Ryan is he chats for Britain sometimes that’s not a good thing and it’s certainly not a good thing when you’re meant to be heading home that day!

We had all got utterly bored of waiting for them and quite frankly we were starving so Dawn sent Kayleigh and Luke off to get us (who were there) some fish and chips! When they came back Pat and Ryan were still no where to be seen. So we all tucked into our dinner with the happy thought that at least our tummies won’t be rumbling on the journey home! A few minutes later the wandering duo returned. Neither of them had come in the top 3 and they both wondered where their food was to which they were met with the reply – still in the takeaway! With that in mind they too went off to get some.

Little over an hour later we were all set to go! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit emotional. It’s been lovely spending a week surrounded by the most amazing people in the most amazing place! We all jumped in our cars and headed off on our long journey home. 

Our jouney home was a good 3 hour long trip so I plugged in my phone and started banging out some golden oldies, we had the Spice girls, a little bit of Akon, good old Oasis and some Steps with a bit of Robbie Williams thrown in for good measure.

Down the motorway the signs were flashing warnings about a closure up ahead which we didn’t really take much notice of until Dawn phoned us saying that that sign is flashing telling us the junction in which we were meant to get off is in fact shut meaning that we will have to add another hour plus onto our journey at 10pm that wasn’t something we wanted to hear, especially with a child wide awake in the back! Luckily for us though we had do get off on the junction right by the closure which meant that we were actually still able to keep to our original time scale! Yippee! 

I do love how pretty our country is in the night!

At a few minutes to 11 we finally arrived home knackered and ready for bed but missing Cornwall that much more.

Our holiday to Cornwall is over.



  1. 30th June 2017 / 6:13 pm

    Awh, I love this post! It looks like you had such a wonderful time on your trip (even despite some inconveniences). Almost makes me sad that I’m not a kid anymore, and playing in a ball-pit when you’re an adult is frowned upon 😛 I used to love those things! Overall, great post <3

    • The Epileptic Blogger
      30th June 2017 / 6:30 pm

      Aww thank you so much for your lovely comments! I totally agree with the ball pit!

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