Our trip to Cornwall 2017- day 6!

Thursday 22nd June

It’s Thursday already! How on earth has that happened?

Ryan and Pat are off fishing again today and we have all decided to take a trip to Newquay this afternoon.

We fed the children and gave them both a nap before heading down. Kayleigh, Luke and Freya all took the car but with both Dawn and I unable to drive we took the bus, it didn’t take us too long in fact it was a rather relaxing journey apart from the fact Shaniah decided to leave a package in her nappy by package I mean a proper smelly, always tell your other half it’s their turn to do the duty one! Off the bus our first stop needed to be a toilet. Bus stations are bound to have toilets right? Sort of. They had a toilet but it was locked due to “anti social behaviour”. Okay then so we are somewhere we aren’t used to with a smelly toddler and no clue where the nearest toilet is. We met up with the others and explained what had happened, they had no idea where the nearest one is either so Luke went in to Boots where they told us that is was on the other side of the town… great! So off we went with a lingering toddler to release the demon. Finally we found the toilets and managed to change the poopsplosion which by then had gone up her back, if that wasn’t enough I had to pay 20p for the privilege!

Across from the toilets was a nice grassland which the kiddies darted for so off we went to spend a few minutes there and let the kids let off some steam. All was going well the kids were having fun, us adults were having a natter then someone came and sat beside us with some food. Seaside and food is no mix because at seasides one thing that is never far away is seagulls and what do seagulls love most? Food! So no sooner than this person sat down a load of them came flying over head. A few minutes later I felt my back go warm – No please don’t do this, not today! What I suspected was true, Those flying cretins have shat on my bloody back. Poor Dawn drew the short straw and had to wipe it off. If one thing is worse than having a bird poo on you it’s having to clean it up!

Today I seem to be a magnet to poo! – Hurray!

To cheer me up we popped into Choukette a dessert shop and boy was it delicious! Check them out! I contemplated buying one to take away – for ryan of course!

Once we had finished there it was time to head home as the duo would have been starting to finish up by now.

Upon returning they informed us that they hadn’t come in the top 3 today, in fact ryan said he did crap and for ryan to say he did crap it must have been a very bad day.

To drown our sorrows at such a rubbish day we’ve had all round we decided a dominoes was the way forward then a trip to Morrisons for a tub of pick and mix, if that doesn’t cheer you up nothing will.

Can’t believe tomorrow we will be going home!


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