Our trip to Cornwall 2017 – day 5!

Wednesday 21st June.

Today is the first of the 3 days that Ryan and Pat will be fishing.

8am and they were off, they take fishing very seriously.

Whilst they were away we all had a relaxing day sat inside the caravan, as much as I love exploring a day doing nothing was widely welcomed, especially for my back!

Of course though when you’re sat inside you do find yourself Boredom sleeping, which is what both Shaniah and I did! When we woke up we were told that Pat had come first in his fishing contest! Good on you Pat! So we all went down to watch Pat receive his trophy and money! Woo!

Couldn’t be prouder!

Upon returning back to our caravan, Ryan and I remembered that we needed to pop to Morrisons to pick up some essentials, and as we were being treated to Spaghetti bolognese by Luke and Dawn, we felt that a good garlic bread would go down well too. Although, instead of going to Morrisons we found ourselves turning the caravan upside down because a certain someone had forgotten their keys! RYANNNNN!

Whilst we were all frantically looking he was getting more and more pissed off, rightly so! Pat took him back to where they had been fishing to check if they were there, they weren’t so we went back and he phoned up AA in hopes that they’d be able to do him a replacement key, knowing that it was going to cost a bit he was getting even more annoyed than he was before, when we thought he was going to explode Kayleigh found the keys in her boots bag! Thank the lord for woman’s eyes aye?! With the atmosphere some what cooler, Luke began to cook the most amazing spaghetti bolognese I have ever tasted, although Shaniah said it smelt like penis! – what on earth is that all about?

After dinner we all had a nice relaxing evening whilst Ryan and Pat headed back out to the lakes to prepare for tomorrow’s match.

They came back at 10:15pm and Shaniah was still awake! This was so unlike her but the weather didn’t help, it was impossible to sleep in this heat. The funny thing about us brits is we’d happily pay hundreds to go find the sun and have a great time yet once the sun arrives on our doorsteps we cannot cope and end up complaining – what’s that all about? 

Eventually she fell asleep and by that point so did we all!


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