Our trip to Cornwall 2017 – Day 3!

Monday 19th June

It is day three already how is that even possible? I know days go quick but man these really are!

Ryan woke me up at 4am telling me to watch the news, I was trying but at ridiculous o’clock in the morning it was impossible for me to focus. once morning came and Shaniah had awoken us I turned the TV on to the devastating news that people had been injured and a few killed when they were simply going about their daily lives, what on earth has this world come to? hasn’t London had enough? What hurts the most is the fact that it was someone claiming to get their own back for the recent events by attacking innocent Muslims. Why?

Once we were all up and fed we all decided to go to Screech owl sanctuary .


I must be honest with the weather being as hot as it was I really wasn’t looking forward to it as it is all outdoors. Once we arrived however, my opinion completely changed it was amazing. My first impressions were the complete opposite to what I thought it would be. In fact I wasn’t really fussed with owls either but by the end of this my opinion on them had completely changed. They seem pretty cute.

Not only do they have owls they also have…

  • Emu’s which you are allowed to feed!
  • Goat’s which you can feed
  • Alpaca


After we had a look around and fed all the animals we all stopped off in the cafe for a spot of lunch. 

We couldn’t get over how cheap it was, with that in mind we didn’t expect the food to be all that great but once it came out again we were all surprised it was massive portions and boy did it taste great! Both Ryan and I had chips although he opted for the cheesy ones and they were homemade ones which made them taste even better. You don’t go to many cafe’s where they serve you homemade chips especially for the price!

After we had our lunch we let the children play in the play park for a few minutes then we headed to watch the owl display.

We all sat down and waited for it to start, we didn’t have to sit long before the first bird – Megan came out!

Once Megan’s time to shine was up out came Bob! Bob was definitely the cutest. Sorry Megan! 

Bob even sat down by Ryan for a few minutes!

When the show was nearly over the guy doing it asked if anyone wanted to have a go at landing Bob. Unsurprisingly it was very popular but Ryan and Luke managed to have a go!

 After that we decided we would go home so we hunted for the exit and surprise, surprise it was through the gift shop! Shaniah got overly excited and I felt like I could cry! Shaniah wanted an owl so we let her pick the chosen one – trying not to look at the price tags but enticing her to the smaller of the lot. Shaniah was having none of it and was adamant that she was going to have a big one so I braced myself for the shock of the price tag. I was shocked but not a bad shock to my surprise the gifts were actually pretty cheap her owl only cost £11.99 and it was a TY so a pretty collectible stuffed animal. 

We arrived back at the car and once we opened the doors we were all slapped around the face with heat! How on earth did England get so warm?

For dinner we had a much needed BBQ which went down perfectly with everyone even the kiddies!

After dinner Ryan and I popped to the lakes to do a spot of fishing, that is when I learnt to “cast out” or at least I think that’s what it’s called! We were there a few hours but caught nothing meanwhile, back at the caravan Shaniah had managed to lock Dawns phone for 6 minutes and factory reset her kindle fire! How on earth have children got so tech savvy? 

After she managed all that she was zonked in her bed in the lounge leaving Ryan and I to do a chuckle brothers recreation. 

Today has been pretty awesome I find it pretty hard for tomorrow to beat it, we will just have to wait and see! 

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