Our trip to Cornwall 2017 – day 2!

Sunday 18th June

Today was the first full day of our holiday and it was fair to say that excitement was still running high. Today after we all had our breakfast we decided we’d go to the beach, wahoo I may finally get to try my first proper pasty! 

The car journey down to the beach didn’t take that long but with the weather at 30° it was bloody hot and felt longer than it was! I couldn’t wait to be by the sea and hoped it’ll be a little cooler! Fingers crossed anyway!

When we finally arrived at the beach Shaniah was reunited with Freya, those two are inseparable. For the walk down to the sea front they both held each other’s hand the whole way!

On the beach everyone seemed even more joyful than they did when we woke up, I personally didn’t think we could get any more excited but there we go. The scenery was absolutely beautiful:

The water was blue like something you’d find abroad, it was totally mesmerising and I knew I just had to go in it. That is a first for me. I can’t swim and very rarely go out of my comfort zone. 

The children were on cloud nine playing in the sand – it was truly lovely to see.  I think Shaniah has been truly loving having someone her own age around and seeing them laugh and play together has been one of the best sights I’ve seen in a while.

Just as we were starting to have fun we noticed that the tide was coming in quite quickly so with that in mind we headed off. I was adamant I was going to get my first proper Cornish pasty and everyone else was adamant that they were going to have an ice-cream. Whilst everyone headed to the ice cream parlour I darted off in search of a pasty shop that is when ryan told me about an award winning shop up the road. Now if I am to try my first pasty I’ve got to do it right and what better way to do it than to have the best one around?! So off we headed to Morris Pasties Gover it was absolutely incredible! Walking through the door it smelt like heaven! I went in with just an original pasty on my mind but once I saw the menu I was abit taken back – there was so much to choose from any kind of concoction you can think of they are more than likely to have. After 10 minutes of umming and ahhing I stuck to my initial thought and went for the original and boy was that a good choice it was so flipping tasty! It was so good in fact that I plan on heading back there a couple of times before  we head home – yummy!

After we got that we headed back to the others where we also ended up with an ice cream! Of course I had to have the mint choc chip one! What else could I have possibly had that topped that?

In the evening we headed out for a spot of fishing, Ryan has always wanted to get me fishing and I have always said no but this time I had no choice. Truth me told I thoroughly enjoyed it! I even caught my own fish!

Ryan said it was tiny but I’m 100% sure that it was huge!

Once the kiddies had gone to bed we played a few games, firstly we played speak out where we laughed more than we spoke! Dawn even managed to dribble! I absolutely love that game but it doesn’t half hurt your gums! After we got bored of that we played Catchphrase a game in which I failed at hosting because I have rubbish short term memory and kept forgetting the answer that was written down! We got there in the end and Luke and Kayleigh won by a mile, Ryan was utterly useless!
Tomorrow we have another fun packed day! So be sure to come back!



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