Our Meal Plan – Week Two.

A new week brings with it a new meal plan. This week is a super busy. We have Ryan’s birthday today as well as Shaniah returning to school.

Shaniah and I had planned to take Ryan out for his birthday, however, things came up so we are doing a quick meal at home before he goes.

As Shaniah is back at school I have included what I have planned for her school lunches. Unlucky for me, well her aswell, she seems to be going through a phase of only wanting food that is as unhealthy as it could possibly be and as neither I nor the school will allow such food, I am having to make meals exciting as well as something that she will be likely to at least try.

Monday 7th January.

School lunch.

Vegetable rice and fruit salad.

This is an easy one. I don’t know if she will actually eat it as I have never done it for her lunch before but she loves rice so hopefully this will be a winner.

I will simply microwave a packet of rice in the morning and whilst that is being zapped in the microwave I will dice a pepper, cucumber and carrots ready to mix in. As rice is rather filling I am going to just put some chopped up strawberries and grapes in the lunchbox too.

Main meal.

As it’s Ryan’s birthday we are going to have steak. This is one of Ryan’s favourite meals. I think this was also one of the first meals that I actually cooked for him.

I will serve it with chunky chips, onion rings, salad and a garlic mushroom sauce.

As it’s Ryan’s birthday we obviously have to follow it up with birthday cake, it wouldn’t be a birthday without it. We’ve gone for a Lemon Drizzle cake as that is also his favourite.

Tuesday 8th January.

School lunch.

Sausage Roll, vegetable sticks and cheese savouries

This one is rather self-explanatory isn’t it? Shaniah is a massive fan of Greggs sausage rolls and although this isn’t what I am going to be packing for her today, last term I packed sausage rolls instead of sandwiches when she decided she no longer liked bread and it went down well, here’s hoping that this term is the same!

I will pack the Vegetable sticks with seafood sauce as a dip and then a small pot of cheese savouries in case she is still hungry.

Main meal.

Sausage pasta bake.

This is one of my favourite meals. Something super simple yet filling and bursting with flavour! I will serve this with a side salad and of course, garlic bread.

Wednesday 9th January.

School lunch.

Waffle, Orange, Carrot sticks and kiddylicious Lentil Straws.

Waffles are another thing that Shaniah loves. We get ours from Aldi as they are super affordable and are individually wrapped which I think is perfect for school lunches, a great alternative to sandwiches. Carrot sticks are something that is super easy to prepare yet also healthy. Shaniah has always loved the lentil straws by kiddylicious and they make a great alternative to crisps in a lunch box.

Main meal.


An easy, cheap and quick meal, perfect for mid week.

Thursday 10th January.

School meal.

Jam sandwich, Strawberries, cheese cubes and Kiddylicious lentil straws.

Main meal.

Chicken, potato bake.

This again is a super affordable yet scrumptious dish. All it is is diced cooked chicken, diced cooked bacon, par boiled sliced potatoes and cheese sauce all mixed together and then placed in the oven to finish cooking. A meal loved by all in this household.

Friday 11th January.

School meal.

Crackers, raisins, cheese stick and apple cubes.

Main meal.

Chunky Chilli.

This is pretty much just your standard chilli con carne however instead of using beef mince I am using diced stewing beef. Served with rice and tortilla chips.

And there we have it, This weeks meal plan. I have found that I am saving a lot of money by sticking to a meal plan. Something that I love to see during January!


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