Our love for Orchard Toys.

Learning made fun!

We all want what’s best for our children, after all it’s in our nature to want to spur on our little ones to be the best that they can possibly be. Shaniah has always loved the idea of learning and we as parents love that she loves it too!

We took a trip to see my Nan where she got out an Orchard Toys game which I had when I was younger (I think it was actually flashcards) Shaniah took to it straight away and loved it, she thought she was having fun but we knew she was also learning new things – Winning! Learning through games wasn’t something we had considered, In fact I don’t think we even truly knew about it. Shaniah was very reluctant to leave the cards at ‘Nanny T’s’ so we came to the conclusion that we must find some of her own, with myself being 20 we didn’t think we’d have much hope of finding Orchard Toys toys as the majority of things that were around when we were little are pretty much non-existent. Once we got home I entered the wonderful world of Google and to our excitement they are still running 40 years on! That is incredible and says so much about how great their products are.

We had a look through their website and we were amazed at the range of products available, they have thought of it all. Both Ryan and I were scrolling through pointing out products we thought Shaniah would like and I am certain towards the end we were looking for games that we wanted to play! We found out that some supermarkets stock them too so we decided to take a trip to see what was about.

We found Shopping List which Shaniah was attracted to straight away and we were too, at only £7.50 our banks were happy too! There wasn’t many others there I guess that’s a good thing that they’re so popular! We got home and Shaniah couldn’t wait any longer to try it out, We all sat down and played it. We were totally taken back by how robust it all is, there is not one thing that is flimsy it is all made out of very, very thick card type stuff which as parents we were delighted with. Everyone knows that children can bend and break the majority of things that they get handed but we were more than at ease with this product as there is not a chance that these would get ruined, they are built to last and like I said earlier about mine, they have! The object of the game is simple, you each have a shopping basket/trolley and a shopping list and there are some products on card turned face down that you take in turns to pick up and see whether or not its on your list, if it is then you simply place it in your basket/trolley and carry on –  the winner is the person who fills their shopping basket first! We play this game every single day more often than not.

It is a god send with potty training too as she will happily sit on the potty whilst we have fun playing this game!

We recently bought ‘Where’s my cupcake?’ another memory game or snap with a twist. Again the products within were made to last. The object of the game is simple, you have ten different types of cupcakes and four of each you also have four plates which you take one of. You then take one of each cake and scatter them across where you chose to play the game and stack the others face down in a pile. You then let the youngest player start and they pick up the first cupcake in the pile, try to find a match with the ones scattered and then place them on their plate, when it’s your turn again you pick from the pile and see if it matches either the one on your plate or the ones scattered about, if it doesn’t but it matches that of another player you then ask them if they would like to have that cupcake to which they must reply yes please and thank you! How amazing is that? Not only is your child learning how to recognise pairs but they’re also learning how to be polite too! Amazing, that is one thing we love about Orchard Toys, they have thought of it all and by it all I really do mean it all, in this pack they even included a cupcake recipe, which we are totally up for making at the weekend!

Orchard Toys are great for little learners and parents too! Your child will feel like they’re simply playing a fun game whilst you get the peace of mind that they are in fact learning too. I love how the games are fun for all ages, most games aimed at the younger people are a little bit naff for us parents and older siblings but with Orchard Toys everything that they produce can be enjoyed by everyone no matter how old you are, and that is truly awesome! These two are just the start of our collection and we are certainly going to be doing a major haul some time soon and even better they do products up to the ages of 8, so they are their to help your child through Primary!

Fancy checking out what Orchard Toys has for your little ones? you’ll find everything by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored by Orchard Toys, all opinions and photos are my own! You will find no affiliate links here.



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  1. I love orchard toys. I had no idea they have been around for 40 years. I don’t remember them from my childhood. Shopping list is supposed to be one of the best so good choice. I agree with how sturdy they are. The cupcake game looks great too.

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