Online dating – what’s the craic?

Valentines is just around the corner and love is certainly in the air. It got me thinking though, people really do judge when it comes to online dating. There’s just something about the phrase “online dating” That gets certain people a little uncomfortable but why? Nobody is hurting anyone? Yes. It isn’t the traditional way. No, you don’t see the person before you start speaking to them but come on times are changing and that is something we need to realise.

Online dating is a little bit like Marmite right? Some people love the idea others, well they aren’t so keen. I believe that they are only unsure because they don’t know much about it.

Personally, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with online dating. After all, times are changing and if online dating is a sign of new times then so be it. Everyone deserves happiness no matter what way they go in search for it.

Some people also have this view that dating as such has a best before date and that Senior dating is frowned upon.  However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being older and dating. Everyone deserves to be loved no matter what age you may be.

Another type of online dating that has become quite big is regional dating sites. I personally think that this is a super idea. When using certain dating sites there are usually people from all over the place on there, meaning that when you actually find someone who you click and have a connection with you may end up feeling a little glum when you realise that this person lives a good few hours away. A simple google search including your area such as “dating Strathclyde” or “Hampshire dating sites”  is bound to bring up a dating site specifically for your area. Kiss goodbye to those moments where your heart sinks looking at a potential spouses profile. Maybe trying to be even more specific like “Single men in Lancashire” would get you even closer to finding what you are in search for.

Online dating has become something of the norm now with many couples finding each other on the web. Believe it or not, Facebook has become a huge place for people to fall in love. Crazy aye? Adult dating has changed a lot in the past few years with many singles opting for adult dating sites over some of the more traditional ways.

Does that mean that this generation is forgetting the meaning of love? Of course it doesn’t! Times change and whether you find the love of your life at work, doing your groceries or by swiping right it doesn’t mean that you love that person any less or that it’s lust even. People should be able to fall in love or even find love in a way that suits them. Nobody should judge someone for simply wanting to love.

I truly believe that people should be able to find love in whatever way that they like. As long as it is legal then they aren’t upsetting anyone. I think online dating is perfectly fine and should be accepted or at least tolerated.


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