My updated skincare routine.

20th May 2019

I haven’t written a beauty related post in what feels like forever. Life can be busy sometimes, and I haven’t had time to apply basic make-up, let alone sit around and produce something fancy. As much as it pains me to say it, my skincare routine also took a break, and until recently I was getting by, by using the ever so cliche, baby wipes to cleanse my face at the end of the day.
My mental health also took a turn, and before I knew it, I found myself in a rut that I so desperately needed to get out of. I spiralled so far, so fast and although to others I seemed myself, those that knew me the most knew that I wasn’t feeling on form.

For Mother’s day, my nan (bless her heart) bought me a voucher to have my hair done. It was something so simple yet it was the push that I needed to start getting out of the “bad time”. I went in and had my hair washed and restyled and just time for myself. I then left feeling “me” again and as weird as it sounds, I really did feel like a new person. That is when it hit me, it is oh so important to look after yourself. Sure, looking after your family is important but in order to do that properly, you must first look after yourself. Take time out each week and focus primarily on YOU.

Thanks to my nan kicking me up the bum, so to speak, I now take that time out, I have a new skincare routine that I love and stick to, and I honestly feel great! My skin has never looked better. I have found some amazing products over the months whilst I have been searching for the right ones for me. Now that I have found them, and I am so overly impressed with them, I thought I would share with you the products that I am currently using.

Makeup Removal.
For this, I use and will more than likely always use Estee Lauder’s ‘Take it away’. I have used it for years and it still blows me away, it’s truly magical. I don’t wear makeup every day, mainly because I really only do the school run. The thought of putting it all on and then removing it all at the end of the day just to stand by the school gate doesn’t impress me in the slightest.

Before ‘Take it away’, I was using NIVEA’s double effect remover but I found that I was using so much and not really getting anywhere. Oh, and the panda eye effect that I was left with was really irritating. I also found that I was making my eye area so red from all the rubbing and that’s just not what anyone needs.

My skin is a weird one. One minute it’s nice and behaving, the next it is looking dry, spotty and dull. Time of the month also plays it’s part, hurrah to being a woman.
Something that I am really loving at the moment is Procoal’s ‘Activated charcoal’ range and in particular their exfoliating face scrub. I don’t use this every evening, but I do use it at least 3 times a week, as it removes dead skin cells as well as detoxifying my skin which is a winner.
I have tried a lot of exfoliating scrubs in the past but nothing has ever compared to Procoals one, not only does it have visible results but it also smells amazing too. It’s got a sort of Aloe Vera/aftersun kind of scent to it and it just makes me feel like I’m somewhere exotic; not stood in my bathroom with rain hitting against my window.

Until recently, I had never actually heard of oil for the face. Have I been living under a rock? Probably. So yes, oil serum is something that I am fairly new to, but it is also something that I am starting to feel is a game changer. I am currently using Sanctuary Spa hyaluronic wonder oil serum which has all the skin improving benefits of an oil but in a texture that is as light and as quick absorbing as a serum. I simply apply it to my skin after cleansing it, and for days where my skin seems overly dry, especially throughout winter, I tend to apply a layer of moisturiser on top for an additional boost of hydration.

When it comes to moisturising, I tend to find myself switching between a few but there are two that I find myself using the most, they are NIVEA body lotion and the Sanctuary Spa protect and illuminate moisture lotion. The Sanctuary spa one is awesome, it’s a breathable lotion which evens out skin tone and visibly transforms skin’s texture. It also has a citrusy scent which isn’t too strong, I mean you wouldn’t want a heavily scented cream on your face.

As for the NIVEA one, well this is more of a golden oldie. I can remember my mother having a tub of this on her dressing table shelves when I was growing up and it’s something that I have used for as long as I can remember, probably from the time where I tried to imitate everything that my mother did. I love this cream though and apply it to my whole body and not just my face, It doesn’t stay sitting on the surface of my skin for ages meaning that I can get dressed almost straight away, which is something that as a mum, I NEED! They are both great and work wonders.

So that is a little insight into my skincare routine as of late. Some of these I think will be in my skincare routine for many more seasons to come as they just work so well. What are your go-to products?

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