My top 10 beauty products – April.

This month I have been Enjoying a wide range of beauty products it was impossible to narrow it down to just 10 but ive done it! *Cheer*

10. Make-up Revolution Focus and Fix concealer – £2.00

DSC01304.JPGThis month I stumbled across Make up revolution’s Liquid concealer and for the price I wasn’t expecting a miracle. My initial thoughts were right. this product isn’t that great at all. It is pretty much impossible to blend with either a beauty blender or your fingers! It doesn’t even cover the lightest of spots… Disappointed.

9. MUA Luxe strobe and glow highlight kit – £5.00


Number 9 is this funky little kit. I really love this product at the moment. There is both cream and powder highlight and what i tend to do is apply the cream highlighter first but only a little bit as a little bit really does go a long way with this product and it is packed with glitter.  I then go over it with the powder highlighter just to set it and add a little more shimmer.

8. St. Moriz Professional self tan mousse 250ml – £4.99


Spring is upon us, the days are getting hotter and summer is just around the corner so one thing that has to be on this list is fake tan. Now I am chalky white there’s no changing that. I can sit outside in the sun all day and nothing changes, I don’t burn or even tan. This product makes it so easy to achieve that summer glow look that doesn’t look fake. You apply the product then leave it for at least 4 hours and then wash it off. This actually smells really nice, I’ve been put off by other brands because they just smell so yucky but this one is actually really nice!

7. Soap and glory sexy mother pucker pillow plump xxl -£10

DSC01299Plump lips are still in season and I absolutely love this product! You can feel it working almost straight away it’s great! The only flaw is I don’t find it works for that long. But it does make your lips look fuller.

6. Soap and glory ‘original pink’  body spray – £4.00


I stumbled across this when i took a trip to my local drugstore. I love it it smells amazing but it isn’t over powering. I have a body spray addiction so I can get through loads of sprays a week but this one has lasted me a good month now – love it!

5. Max factor colour adapt foundation -£9.99


This is my every day foundation. When im going out somewhere I use my Estee Lauder double wear but if im just having a quiet day in or I am popping to the supermarket I will use this foundation. It has great coverage and isn’t heavy on the skin. What I have found though is that it doesn’t tend to last for very long.

4. No7 Lovely lips lip balm – £9.00


I’m loving this lip balm at the moment. If im going for a subtle look but want to add colour to my lips then this is my go to product. it adds colour to my lips but not a bold colour like lipsticks do.

3. Primark Chrome nails – £2.00


EEK! I am so loving Primark’s false nails at the moment. They surprising last quite a while in fact I had to take them off the other day as they showed no signs of coming off on their own accord. Its my birthday next weekend and I am so excited to wear these to my birthday meal. What a way to stand out!

2. New Look Fawn purple matte lipstick – £5.99


I am pleasantly surprised by New Looks make up range. I have bundles of their matte lipsticks because they have such a great coverage. They stay on the lips for hours even after drinking and eating. They don’t smudge either which is a win as I absolutely hate lipsticks that smudge all over the place and crumble once they dry, which this one doesn’t do either. New look you are on to a winner here.

1. Estee Lauder Take it away Make – up remover lotion – £22.00


This months number one could only ever go to one product and that is this one! I am totally in love with how well it removes my make up and the smell is absolutely gorgeous. A little goes a long way with this product too!


So there you have it, those were my top ten picks for April. Do you like any of the ones featured this month? Let me know.

Don’t forget to check back again next month for Mays top 10!



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