My step by step guide to Evening make up.

I am by no means an MUA and I also dont claim to be but one thing that is certain is i absolutely love doing my make up, i dont do it to please the opposite sex likewise i dont do it for anyone else but myslef. I dont wear make up because im insecure about my face, not many girls do, but the reason why we do our faces every day? Simple answer is we enjoy it that is the only reason why. Theres no right or wrong way to do your make up so never feel you have to look like the celebrities you see on the cover of magazines because you dont.  they have their style and you have yours.

I was going out for dinner a couple of days ago and was complimented on my make up so i thought id share it with you all. Its pretty standard but then again thats okay!


First I like to use my Estee Lauder make up remover to make sure my face doesnt have any old make up on then i remove my eye make up with nivea’s make up remover although i do find this very oily!


STEP 2: Primer.

This is a pretty important step if you are attempting to achieve a flawless finish. I will admit i’ve only just recently come across priming but i am oh so glad i did. I used to suffer with my foundation flaking or going patchy after a while but since I was shown the art of priming ive very rarely experienced that problem since.

I usually switch between L’Oreal infallible mattifying base and revolutions pro prime priming spray. The spray is great for when im doing my every day make up as its quick and easy which is a bonus as a busy mum i dont really have much time to faff about with my make up.  On days where im going out and want to look my best I use the L’Oreal one as it makes my face look so smooth and gives it that wow factor it feels a little bit oily but it doesnt affect my skin so its all fine.



Now time for the brows, I cannot believe how long it took me to realise that i needed to show my brows some love. I have dark eyebrows but they fade at the end so it looks like i just have two straight lines on my face which isnt cool. I first started filling them with a pencil but i didnt get on with it then i stumbled across FREEDOM brow promade oh my word its amazing! It’s just like gel eyeliner but for your eyebrows. its also great that it stays in place all day without smudging. thats got to be a win right?

After ive filled my eyes in I then carve them out using a highlighting cream in my revolution eye brow palette.




first off, just like my face i like to apply a primer to my eye lids. I find that it helps my eyeshadow stay in place and it lasts longer.

for my eyeshadow i apply shade 1 all across my eyelids and then i apply shade 2 to the crease and outer corner to create a sort of subtle smokey effect.




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