My life with Epilepsy

Even though my blog name has Epilepsy in it I am yet to talk about it with you all. Today is a bit of a slow news day here in terms of what to uploaded on my blog so I thought now might be the time to get it up.

I haven’t always had Epilepsy in fact up until i was 12 I was just like your average child. I was doing great in school hitting top marks more or less every time. Growing up sports and art were my favourite subjects and my parents had to beg me to come in from the garden to have my dinner as I was always on the go.

I moved up to Year 7 in 2008, I settled in fairly quickly. I made friends with people who I’d never met before and there was always someone there to keep me company.

2009 I moved into Year 8, everything still seemed great, my grades were still looking good and sports and art were still my favourite lessons and everyone was still so lovely.

Thursday 21st January 2010, the day everything began to change for me. Everything seemed fine until we went for lunch. I was over come by a breathtaking headache, I’ve had headaches and I’ve also had migraines before but this was worse than them both. My mood automatically changed and I suddenly wanted to be alone, I no longer wanted to hang around with my best friends in fact I got so unbelievably grumpy with one of them that we ended up falling out. i couldn’t control my behaviour I didn’t want to be without them everybody knows friends are the most important thing growing up. It was 1:25pm and our first lesson of the afternoon was about to start, it was English and we were scheduled to do a mock exam, upon entering the class the tables were all separated as it was exam conditions. I sat alone but my two friends sat in front of me. I can remember Jade asking me if I was okay and that I should go to the medical room. The net thing i know everything goes black.

I woke up a few hours later with paramedics around me. now waking up with people dressed in green from head to toe is enough to frighten anyone, especially someone with no clue what so ever as to what has just gone on.


I was taken to hospital but released a few hours later as they had no idea what had happened.

for the next couple of weeks I had quite a few more seizures both at school and at home.

28th June 2010, my next big seizure happened, I was sat in the lounge with my younger brother and all of a sudden I blacked out again and collapsed knocking my head on the fireplace on the way down. the ambulance came and did all the necessary obs, thats when they noticed that my heart was in fact nearly triple what it should be. they decided to stay with me for 10 minutes to see if it calms down and if it didn’t id have to be taken to hospital. It didn’t change so i was blue lighted to hospital where they monitored me, i kept having mini seizures probably linked to my fast heart rate. They decided to medically put my body to sleep in hopes that my heart would then have the opportunity to calm itself down. I stayed in hospital until June the 30th, during my stay they did tests to try and figure out just what is going on.

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, although what kind I had was still uncertain.

The kind of seizures I had been having are known as Generalized convulsive (grand-mal) seizure. When I am having one of these I lose consciousness and usually collapse then my body goes all stiff then i start to violently jerk.

My seizures were under control with AED’s up until about a year ago when I started suffering from a different kind of seizure called frontal/Occipital lobe seizure. During these seizures I feel “dizzy” and my eyes tend to roll. I am usually unresponsive but these only last for around 30 seconds – 1 minute.

One of my main goals in life is to be able to be independent but when you live life the epilepsy way if your seizures are uncontrolled then it’s very hard to do that add into the mix you’ve got a child then its even more difficult. Job’s pass you by as nobody really wants to employ someone who is likely to need time off. there is also quite a few jobs that i am unable to do.

Like with any thing in life perseverance is the key to success. you want something? Fight for it and that is exactly what I intend on doing.



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