My every day make up.

Every mother will agree that they only have about 5 minutes (if that) of spare time in the mornings to try and look human again before our monsters awake from their pits. 

Now if you’re like me you’ll have beautiful black bags under your eyes that need to be covered first thing. The zombie mummy look isn’t the greatest and it certainly won’t be seen on the cat walk any time soon. 

So here’s my go to make up for the days I have no time but the outside world is calling. 

I hear you all shouting is that it? Where’s the foundation? What is this nonsense?yep, I know. How can all that possibly make me look alive? Well girlies it does I don’t know how maybe I have a fairy godmother somewhere? I wish.  

Right the products are:

This is a must for drained mummies who need some colour zapped into their drained, tired skin.

I apply it with a brush for cheeks by seventeen.

I always find that adding a little colour to my lips makes me feel a little more human, it brightens up my face which lets be honest, us mothers need right? 

  • Seventeen phwoarr paint.

This is my holy grail make up product I for one could not live without this product. It covers up those horrible black circles that have set up home under my eyes! Sadly I couldn’t link this product as I couldn’t find it online. Yep I know I could cry too! These black circles won’t hide themselves!

I line my top eyelid just so it opens my eyes and I don’t look like the sleepy mummy I am. I like collections one because it’s affordable and as a mummy can we very rarely treat ourselves to luxuries. 

The brush I’m using is an oval brush from Amazon. £14.99

I apply the first three colours just to make my eyes look less dull and lifeless.

The eyeshadow brush I use is from seventeen.

For my eyebrows (or lack of) I use my Freedom prove pomade in brown. It’s just like the gel I use for my eyes and I find it gives more coverage for my hiding eyebrow hairs than powder yet still looks natural if you don’t cake it on.

To apply I use my B. Brow brush. £5.99

I apply my eye primer to my eyelids before applying my eyeshadow. I find it keeps my eyeshadow in place all day which is a win as I don’t have time to top up my make up throughout the day.

I like to look after my lips so every morning I give them a little scrub with Lush’s lip scrub. Not only does my lips look and feel great after the flavour is also pretty yummy too! (I don’t advise you eat it).

If you have read my blog than you’ll have seen that I use the night version before I go to bed. I love these as a little goes a long way and it leaves my face looking cared for and moisturised. 

I love this mascara as it makes my eyelashes look double the length they naturally are. It just adds definition to my eyes which is welcomed.

This is my “not a zombie mum” daily look.  I think it’s fair to say my black circles are very well hidden and my eyes are giving off the impression I had a brilliantly long sleep (if only).

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