My Estēe Lauder goodies! 

With Mothers day around the corner it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself right? And what better way to treat yourself than to get the make up you’ve been dreaming about for ages!

I’m a drugstore brand kind of person and have never ever ventured out of that range, as much as I’ve wanted to try out the ‘big’ brand’s but being a mother can’t really afford to treat myself much but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve heard so many praises for Estēe Lauders double wear foundation and it has been a product that I’ve been keen to try for a while now so when I popped into Cribbs to top up both Shaniah’s and my bath bomb collection I just had to pop to an Estēe Lauder counter and check it out for myself. They skin matched me and then applied the designated tone to my face to make sure it was the correct colour and then gave me a 10-day sample of the foundation and a sample of a primer of my choice! She then wiped it off with a cleanser that i immideatly fell in love with and just had to buy there and then. Naughty!

I trailed out the foundation for a week and was sold I just had to get it! So I jumped on the web and ordered it for next day delivery. I needed it. The primer on the other hand just didn’t do it for me. It felt incredibly oily and left my skin feeling slimy and condom like. Nobody wants to feel like a condom now do they? ? Anyway, on to the reviews…


I love, love, love how this foundation is with my skin. It has incredible coverage one like I’ve never experienced before. Yes at £31.00 it’s triple what I’d usually spend on my foundation but unlike my usual a little goes a very, very long way So it will last a lot longer than your average drugstore product. This foundation boasts an astonishing 12-hour coverage which I have to say is pretty much accurate. There’s nothing that makes a woman more happier than make up that you only need to apply once during the day. I’ve truly found my go to foundation with this!

Fancy trying it out for yourself? Click here to claim your FREE 10-day sample of double wear foundation and primer.

Just like the foundation Estēe Lauders Take it away make up remover is also one to try. Again at £22 it holds a big price tag as I usually only spend under £5 on make up remover but this one really is worth the pennies. You only need a pea sized amount and it’ll do your whole face! Incredible! And what’s better than a long lasting product? One that smells amazing too! Take it away certainly has a scent that is appealing to your nostrils which is great as nobody wants a chemical smell left behind.

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Overall I’m bloody happy with my purchase and I’m positive that this will not be the one and only time I buy from them. In fact I already have my eyes set on their concealer!


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