My Aquaphor Challenge

With winter comes harsh weather. My skin doesn’t appreciate this time of year and as a result, my already overflowing handbag is weighed down even more by the sheer amount of products I have inside to keep mine and my family’s skin on top form.

my handbag filled to the brim

Around this time of the year my handbag typically consists of:

  • My purse, pretty standard.
  • Lip balm, I have terribly dry lips as soon as the weather turns.
  • Hand cream, My hands start cracking during the colder months and I hate it!
  • wipes, again standard when a youngster is involved.
  • Tissues, ugh, for the dreaded cold.
  •  Germolene, this is a really random one on my part!

That is a lot of products right? Finding my keys started to become a difficult task.

BritMums recently challenged us to try Aquaphor and see how this one product could make my family’s skin care routine easier.

aquaphor cream in front of a candle

We have had the product a month now and honestly, I am so impressed! It’s my go to for so many thing. My handbag? It’s the lightest it has been in a while as I have now chosen to remove the majority of products and replaced them with the Aquaphor soothing skin balm.

aquaphor in my handbag

Now you are probably reading that and thinking why on earth have you taken all that out and replaced it with Aquaphor?  Check this out..

What do we use Aquaphor for?

1. Protect little accidents.

Aquaphor helps to protect minor cuts and scrapes from becoming infected. It also boosts healing time which is perfect as Shaniah is one of the clumsiest children I know.

2. Soothe those Rudolph noses.

Winter brings with it colds. Oh how I hate colds because the endless amount of nose wiping leaves me with a terribly read nose and unless you’re staring as Rudolph in the local pantomime, read noses are not flattering or anyone.

aquaphor by tissues and a candle

Aquaphor has something called Bisabolol, a soothing anti-inflammatory ingredient which naturally occurs in Chamomile and such, makes aquaphor calm the redness of my nose.

3. To soothe dry skin.

With winter comes horribly dry skin, especially on my hands, there is nothing worse than having sore dry hands during the colder months. Thankfully, Aquaphor has my back again and after slapping on some of the product, Aquaphor begins to hydrate the sh*t out of them.

4. Mission: Smooth lips.

 Got a case of dry lips? Not pretty is it? I have a bad habit of biting on the loose bits of skin and making the whole sore lips 100 times worse than they originally set out to be, hence the need for a spare lip balm in my bag. I am forever trying to keep my lips hydrated and looking tip-top. Aquaphor sorts that out too!

5. Make perfume last longer.

aquaphor in front of a candle

We all have that one perfume that we love so much yet it just doesn’t stay around on us for long. Before I spray my favourite scent I rub a little bit of Aquaphor on my wrists and neck and it makes the scent stay around for longer, what a win!

6. Tame those baby hairs.

My child may not be a baby anymore but 4 years on I still have those hideously short baby hairs that do nothing except stand to attention. Ugh they’re so annoying and ruin any nice hair style that I may do (if I get the time!) I simply rub some of the product on those fly aways and smooth them down.  Pfft, and they thought they couldn’t be tamed!

And there we have it, the many uses for Aquaphor and why my family’s routine is that much easier and my handbag is about 5 stone lighter!

Have you tried Aquaphor?


Disclaimer: This post is an entry for the BritMums #MyAquaphor Challenge, sponsored by Eucerin. Discover the benefits of Eucerin.

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  1. 3rd December 2018 / 2:58 pm

    You made me smile about Rudolph noses. Great to see how you got on with Aquaphor – commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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