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My 21st Birthday Celebrations!

Make-up, cake, outfits and family!

I am super excited to be writing this post after a pretty awesome weekend. On the 30th of April I turned 21! Whilst the build up didn’t feel exciting, I was overwhelmed throughout the weekend.

Like always, I want to share everything with you, from the make-up to the outfits to the very prominent Disney themed gifts! Let’s talk 21…


Sunday started off super naff. Shaniah woke up and self diagnosed herself with stingy wees (thanks to Dr Ranj!) and with it being a Sunday the doctors weren’t open so a quick call to 111 ended up in a trip to our local hospital to grab another antibiotics prescription! She recently came off some on Wednesday. The screams that come out of Shaniah whenever she goes to the toilet are spine chilling but the antibiotics are on the case.

In the evening we met up with my nan, brother and father for a nice family meal. I hate being the centre of attention, so a nice quiet meal with my side of the family was bliss! After chatting our way through our mains it was soon time for pudding. I have got one hell of a sweet tooth so this is by far my favourite part of the night and it was made even better by the fact that Eton Mess was on the menu! I am a major sucker for Eton mess, I practically live off of it during the summer months when the Pick-Your-Own fields are open!

After we had all eaten our puddings it was time to say goodbye and head home, I won’t lie I was starting to get a little excited about my birthday at this point!

Monday (The big day!)

Ryan decided to take the day off which honestly made my day. It meant that I was surrounded by all those that I love the most and isn’t that what birthdays are all about? We headed out in the morning to pick up my birthday present from the Disney store – I am obsessed! We then popped in to see my nan who was babysitting my cousins so for the first time ever she was unable to pop up to see me for the first time in my 21 years. I love that women so, so much.

Later in the day, we headed to Snooty Fox in Tetbury for a spot of Champagne Afternoon tea, only we never actually received the Champagne so.. Afternoon tea it was! It was so lovely to spend some time with Ryan in what was such a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

scones with cream and jam and a cup of tea

We then headed back home and had dinner with the family. It was such an awesome day and I can honestly say it was one of my favourite birthdays ever!

The Look

Gold shoes, Pink Dress and pants!

This was by far my favourite outfit of the weekend! Ryan bought me these shoes earlier on in the month when I noticed them in NEXT. Although the heels are quite high they are the most comfortable heels that I have ever stepped foot in. After spending the whole afternoon in them my feet didn’t ache at all which meant that I didn’t end up taking them off and walking back to the car barefoot.

Gold sparkly heels

The dress. I purchased this dress from Boohoo , I think there was a sale going on at the time which meant that I ended up grabbing a lot more dresses than I actually needed but I absolutely love the stuff on Boohoo at the moment. They are killing it!

pink sparkly boohoo dress

Now can we take a minute to appreciate these amazing pants that give you the perfect bum. Hunkemüller have created a real game changer with these pants.

before and after of bum pants

The perfect bum pants are the ones on the left and normal pants are on the right. They are a major god send for me as I have the worlds flattest bottom. Every girl dreams of big boobs and bum right? To not have half of that was a major let down. some outfits didn’t look right on me because I had no bum, I certainly couldn’t wear the tight dresses that you see celebrities wearing on the red carpet. Boy has all that changed now! I simply need to pull up my Hunkemüller pants and there’s not a single dress in my wardrobe that I am not slaying.

On to my make-up, I went for a bit of a spring/summer look and opted for beach waves and warm orange eyeshadow accompanied by Morphe Vanity Lipstick.

orange eyeshadow, nude lipstick, curly hair


This was by far my favourite cake to date. It was an orange drizzle sponge with Eton mess filling then topped with whipping cream, fruit and meringue. I am loving all the options to incorporate Eton mess in other types of desserts.


I was truly spoilt this year. There was a very obvious Disney theme surrounding some of my gifts which I couldn’t have been more excited about. Here is what I received.

Mrs potts and chip ornament

I cried when I unwrapped these beauties from Ryan’s parents. Anyone who knows me knows just how crazy I am about all things Disney however my all time favourite characters are Chip and his Mother so you can imagine my excitement when I received these!

Ryan took me to the Disney store on the morning of my birthday to buy me this Disney X Danielle Nicole Bag which features Minnie Mouse on the front! It’s so spacious and beautiful and if I am perfectly honest I don’t want to use it!

minnie Mouse bag

My Father bought me a load of cake decorating supplies which I am eternally grateful for. This year I have started putting more time into my cake making so it was lovely to receive products that will make decorating so much easier.

cake decorating products

I was also kindly gifted this beautiful Diamond candle from the lovely people of Gemporia. It has diamond flakes to scatter over the top which is such a lovely touch. It has such a lovely scent that is perfect accompany for long relaxing bubble baths.

And just like that, my birthday is over for another year. I would like to thank everyone for their lovely birthday wishes on my social media and to the wonderful companies that sent me the amazing products.


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