Mum Lush bath bomb review.

5th April 2017


I am so excited to write about this bath bomb. As you have probably already figured out this bath bomb was part of Lush’s Mother’s day range. This years range was pretty exciting!

The morning of Sunday 26th March it’s mothers day and I was greeted at the crack of dawn by my daughter holding a card and a bag (exciting!) know although my goodies were wrapped up there was no escaping the smell of Lush products.I sat up in my bed and unwrapped these exciting bath bombs, I had a Dragon’s egg, Experimenter, Yoga bath bomb and two of these Mum bombs.

I had noticed the mum ones in store a few weeks before and I was immediately drawn to its bright colours and irresistible scent. so the fact that I now have two to try was pretty exciting. We were off to Longleat for the day so although I really wanted to try it out now I had to wait!

I finally got round to trying it out and I can honestly say it didn’t let me down!


Although it’s quite small it is very thick but it is one of the cheaper ones so that isn’t really an issue.

Upon dropping it into my bath a nice pale pink colour started to take over my bath water and the smell of oranges and lemons fills the room. Once the bath bomb gets to the end of its display the scent of oranges and lemons is taken over by the smell of roses, now it’s not a strong smell that leaves your head pounding its a smell that just makes you want to lay down and relax. The perfect combination for any mother!17799147_660739327447049_5925906711120836702_n

I hear you all wondering what that white rectangle bit is swimming around in my bath well that people is the reason why my mother’s day bath featured tears, not bad tears more tears of joy. You see, Lush put a little thank you message in the bomb which when the bath bomb was near the end it would be released and out by relaxing unsuspecting mothers across the globe! the message read “Thanks mum” simple i know but oh so effective. you see being a mother is very, very rewarding but you never really get thanks not that you need it but when these little surprises pop up out of no where it really does hit you. you know what you are doing is appreciated. So thank you lush! You sure made my day.


What Lush says about it:

It might seem strange that ‘Ah moment’ isn’t included in the ingredients list of this calming blushing bath bomb. You’ll certainly experience one when it touches the water. Sicilian lemon and sweet orange oils invite you to lie back with a smile. Rose softens the scent to create a light, fresh and floral experience that smells as satisfying as freshly laundered sheets. Close the door and take your time.


So what are my overall thoughts on this?

It’s a lot smaller than the ones I usually use but its fully packed with mini wows! It was about £2 so you can hardly grumble. It smells like those fizzy sweets which is a major bonus right? not forgetting the added little surprise note. It definitely is one of their best seasonal products ive seen to date. Well done Lush, you’ve pulled it out of the bag again!

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