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mud and bloom

Introducing Mud and Bloom.

Introducing mud and bloom, a monthly subscription box for 3-8 year olds filled with great hands on activities to connect them with the great outdoors.

Being in the garden is somewhere that Shaniah loves to be. She loves to get her fingers dirty, what youngster doesn’t? But I struggle to think of fun, engaging yet educational activities that we can do out there. With it being winter and the days being so wet and cold Shaniah is longing to be back out in the garden where she’s in her element watering plants and what not.

You can imagine her excitement when one morning a Mud and Bloom subscription box landed by the front door. She always likes to collect the post but once she realised that it was something for her she was over the moon.

Mud and bloom

Inside was filled with exciting garden related activities that she was able to do inside! Her face lit up and we checked it all out.

There were 3 hands on activities that she was able to do. A nature quiz and also some exciting nature news and pretty much everything we needed in order to do these activities!  Shaniah wanted to try out the Avocado one first so that is what we did.

mud and bloom

We removed the pit from the Avocado and once we located the top and bottom we pierced it with toothpicks and then placed the bottom half in water. Now it was time to play the waiting game. Something Shaniah isn’t the best at. Shaniah loved doing this activity however, and I didn’t know that you could actually grow an avocado in England let alone your home so I learnt something too! You really can learn a lot through having fun!

mud and bloom

The next activity that this Mud and Bloom package had was sprouting seeds! Something that didn’t take as long as the avocado to see results. After a couple of days you are able to start seeing results compared to the avocado that was something Shaniah was super excited about. I was too because we were able to eat them – Exciting hey?

The last hands on activity was a twig boat, this activity isn’t one that we have been able to do yet due to being poorly and the weather not being that great! However, we are super excited to give it a go. Maybe one for the weekend?

Our thoughts.

Overall, We are really, really enjoying this subscription box. I am all for learning through play and this is definitely doing just that. The box is filled with exciting educational activities and is certainly something that every person in the family can enjoy and certainly learn from. If you are looking for a subscription box for your little ones I cannot recommend Mud and Bloom enough.


We were sent a box from Mud and Bloom in order to produce a honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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