Last minute Mothers day gifts.

Mothers day is less than a week away and if you are anything like me you are so not ready. I could have sworn it was the beginning of February yesterday!

Shopping for my mother is anything but a walk in the park. I don’t really know what she needs and she will never actually tell me even if I ask. My nan is the same. If I ask her what she wants she will simply reply telling me to save my money.

For a while now, hampers have been the go to for many, many people. You can purchase pre-made ones or if you fancy giving that personal touch they are super easy to make yourself.

For my mother and Nan this year I have made them a self-care hamper each filled with things that they can use to make themselves feel that little bit more special and to take the stresses of day to day life away.

If you are stuck for gift ideas this year I hope this gives you some inspiration!

Renunail nail strengthener | Amazon and Tesco RRP £17.50

Nails, they go through a lot don’t they? The two ladies in my life are always saying that their nails chip, heck mine do too. So when I stumbled across this nail strengthener and checked out the reviews which of course had lots of praise for this I just had to grab them.

mothers day

Mentos Raspberry Lip Balm | Primark

Lip balm is perfect for this time of year, especially this year thanks to the terrible snow that we have received lately. I found this in Primark for only a couple of pounds and I thought it made a nice alternative to the normal plain jane balms. I am absolutely loving Primark at the minute for bits and bobs – especially their Disney range,

mothers day

SCÜNCI hair tools | £5 from Amazon

This is something I grabbed for my mother, she has long hair but she doesn’t really do anything with it. I have used Scunci hair tools before and have found them to always be super easy with great results. I am hoping this gives my mother the confidence to do something with her hair and it will be perfect for her to wear on date nights out.

mothers day

Wild fig and Orange blossom candle trio | Parks Candles London £36

These smell absolutely divine and if I am perfectly honest with you, I wish they were mine! As soon as you open the box the smell makes its way up through your nostrils and you cannot help but fall in love with these little candles of lushness.

mothers day

Moisturising Gel set gloves and socks | JML Direct £14.99

These are perfect for those busy hands on mothers. Let them unwind after a hard day by sitting down watching their soaps with these socks and gloves on, the gel leaves you feeling super relaxed and within 15 minutes you are feeling much more calm and the gloves and socks leave your hands and feet feeling super soft. Perfect!

And of course I will add some chocolates and some wine. The perfect mothers day gift!

Disclaimer: I was gifted some of these products in return for a feature, all opinions and photos are my own. I may also receive commission if you purchase through the links. If you want to find out more my Disclosure policy will help.


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