Thoughtful ways to celebrate mum, this mother’s day.

Even if you have to be apart.

Mother’s day is just around the corner and if you ever needed a day to tell that special woman in your life just how much she means to you, then there is no better day like the 14th of March! Mother’s day is looking very different once again this year, but as we learnt from last year, being apart doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate.

Here at The Epileptic Blogger, we are going to show you a variety of thoughtful idea’s to show that special women just how thankful you are to her, even at a distance.

Make a care package filled with everything that she loves.

Personalised Sudocrem pots are £5.99.

Sure, we would all love to spoil the special women in our lives with a spa day or a meal out to share our appreciation but that just isn’t going to happen this year. Why not do the next best thing and create a care package? Fill it with all the things that your mother loves the most, things like her favourite chocolate, photos of happy moments that you once shared, photos of the grandchildren. You could even include a book for her to read along with some bubbly. Why not add in some beauty bits such as lipstick or a selection of bath goodies and a face mask?

I am currently loving the little Sudocrem pots as a must-have in my handbag and cosmetic bag. Most people think of babies bottoms when it comes to Sudocrem however, one brilliant use for Sudocrem is to sort out pesky spots, which are very much a common feature on my face since I started wearing facemasks. Simply pop a little bit on the spot and it sorts it right out. Perfect. Sudocrem currently have a dedicated website where you are able to purchase a pot personalised with any name or style you wish. The personalised pots cost £5.99 with the option to add a gift box for £1.00 extra. These pots last a very long time – my heavy handed 6 year old still hasn’t got half way through her pot yet! At that price, it is very much a steal!

Alterna Caviar Bond Repair duo – £46.00

One must-have product to include in pamper hampers is Alterna* shampoo and conditioner. I have been using this brand for a while now and I have never found a duo that makes my hair look and feel so amazing and shiny. With hairdressers firmly shut, this has been a very welcomed find.

Arrange a fun activity that you can both do together (virtually)

Being apart doesn’t mean that you have to be alone. We are in the 21st century, and if your mother has the appropriate technology then why not host a video call and spend some quality, albeit distanced, time together? You could simply have a natter and a good catch up or you could get creative. You could bake something together at the same time or maybe you fancy being more sophisticated and make some cocktails together? I and my future mother-in-law are loving cocktails at the minute. One of our favourite base ingredients for our cocktails is Small batch bourbon*. One simple cocktail that we are loving on our lazy Friday nights is simply Pink Gin mixed with Lemon Fanta. I’d imagine this would be the drink of the summer, absolutely gorgeous!

Four Roses small batch bourbon – £29.95

If cocktails and baking aren’t their thing, why not try something more tranquil and give feel amazing app* a try. Perfect relaxation with a Membership to the new mindful app by hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank, the ‘feel amazing’ app is the perfect pick-me-up with short recordings to fit into your day easily including the title Fit and Well. A place to relax and fire yourself up to achieve your goals. Make deep and lasting changes using a combination of self-hypnosis, meditation, and mindfulness in these beautifully worded recordings by renowned self-help author Ailsa Frank.

There are 4 free titles for all but a membership gives you access to all 45 titles Get the on your phone at Apple App Store for iPhones or Google Play store for Android. (3-month Membership £35 or individual titles from £9.99 each) Choose from the various categories:

Sleep & Relaxation, Habit breaker, Boost Confidence, Relationships and Love, Stress-Free Worry Less, Slimmer Fitter, Money and Career, Women’s Wellbeing, Relaxation for Children, Teens and Calming Music…

Take The time and share precious memories in a unique way.

I recently discovered artist Elliot Byrne, and I am in awe of his artwork. Elliot’s artworks can be intricate initials, made up of the recipients’ favourite things and sentimental touch points (think animals, beloved objects, old school badges, perfumes, food, friends, places and whatever else takes your fancy) – see some examples below. Each letter is entirely bespoke, so you choose every item featured and is captured in his quirky, intricate, and gloriously British style.

They make very thoughtful gifts and are completely unique – the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Please find a link to Elliot’s website here, Elliot creates other bespoke gifts, not just the letters, so whatever it is that your mother is interested in, Elliot will be sure to capture it in the most sentimental and unique way. A gift that your mother is sure to treasure for years to come.

Head out on a socially distanced walk around the park with a cuppa.

I’m not sure what the rules are where you live, but here in England, we are now allowed to meet up with one other person socially distanced for a walk and a cuppa, heck, Boris has even allowed us to sit down on park benches once more – who even knew that that wasn’t allowed? If your mother is a lover of the great outdoors then why not get her a practical gift such as a new coat? I am loving the look of the Mono Material coat from Helly Hansen’s SS21 collection.

First launched in the Winter 2020 collection, the Mono Material line is designed with a garment’s entire life cycle in mind. Each product is made from 100% polyester, encouraging a better resource in a circular system where the goal is textile-to-textile recycling. When recycled into new materials, mono materials maintain a higher quality than mixed fibers, and for consumers, these singular material garments are resilient and easier to care for, delivering longer-lasting performance and protection.

Your mother is bound to feel on top of the world walking around the park in a new super warm coat that is also doing wonders for the environment. Perfection. I mean, they look great right?

Remind her of the precious moments you’ve shared on your travels.

Time seems to pass by so very quickly when you become an adult. You tend to live more in the moment and take every opportunity that life hands you. There’s this thing that mothers tend to do, and that is to sit down and tell you or your children the stories of the places they have been. If you have a mother like this, I cannot recommend El Camino Bracelets* enough. This is a bracelet that you can add beads with different places from around the world that you’ve travelled to. Creating your very own travel story to be worn around your wrist. Not only can you create your travel story, but you can customise beads with special dates or locations, such as anniversaries or the location of significant places.

I am currently starting my own El Camino bracelet which features 3 steps: Lockdown 2020, France and Cornwall. Lockdown because well that’s definitely a memory right? France because that was Where Ryan and I first started talking and subsequently our very first holiday together, and Cornwall because that is the first place we went on a family holiday and also the place where Shaniah learnt to walk on the beach.

El Camino Bracelets start at £26.99 and the steps start at £10.99. El Camino also has a limited edition happy mother’s day 2021 for £10.49.

For the mothers who love to give back to nature.


My nan is one of these women, I often find my phone calls going through to the answerphone and then once she calls me back the response is always the same… “I was outside feeding my birds” Note the “my” in that phrase. She loves the wildlife, if you were to ever ask her what she would like for her birthday/mother’s day or even Christmas it is always “Oh don’t worry about me, just get some feed for the birds” and she couldn’t be happier with the things our family purchase for the birds! If you have a mother figure in your life who sounds similar to my wonderful nan, take a look at Henry Bell’s products. I have the bird feeder* and a selection of their feed* and I have never seen birds get through so much food in all my life, they love it. The bird feeder doesn’t look like the typical eyesore either. Henry Bell has a wide range of products from birdhouses right through to statement feeders.

Products marked with a '*' have been sent to me in return for this feature. Please note that I have tried and tested every product before placing them in my guide and as always, nothing would be featured if I didn't wholeheartedly like it or think about purchasing it myself.

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