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Mothers day 2017 – Our day at Longleat.

It’s Sunday 26th March, mothers day is upon us! I was woken up at the crack of dawn by my gorgeous little girl sporting the wacky bed head look. In she came jumped on my bed so if I wasn’t awake before I definitely was now, she gave me my mother’s day goodies and card and we cuddled for a few precious minutes. Ryan then reminded us that we were going to spend the day with his family at Longleat! Yippee! Ryan took Shaniah downstairs for breakfast giving me the opportunity to do my make up without having little helping hands all over the place. 

10:30am: Off we go! The sheer excitement on Shaniah’s face made the stress of keeping on time totally worth it.

12p: We all stopped off at Little chef to fuel our stomachs for the exciting day ahead. Shaniah was overwhelmed by all the family around her and began to act like a clown. Typical toddler. We sat down and checked out the menu, the majority of us went for breakfasts as for Shaniah, well she wasn’t bothered what she had as long as it came with baked beans. 

1pm: We’re on the road again! Longleat here we come. At this point there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t getting excited now. We entered the grounds of Longleat and queued to get in. The little huts where you buy your entry tickets look similar to a drive-thru according to Shaniah because as we pulled up she requested “Chicken nuggets and chips please” Brilliant! We got our passes but Shaniah didn’t get her food. As we drove off to get a car parking space Shaniah got teary at the fact the lady didn’t give her her request. Oh dear. 

Before we decided to do the safari drive through we thought it would be best to stretch our legs so off we went to check out the goats and Lemurs. Shaniah instantly took a liking to the goats and decided she was going to feed them grass. Are you aloud? I’m not sure.

On to the Lemurs!

And I couldn’t move on from this part of my day without sharing with you all this funky Lemur…

Time to drive through the Safari! My favourite part! We jumped in the car pure excitement filled the car, let’s see what we can see. 

Shaniah was adamant she wanted to sit on Ryan’s lap, purely because of the steering wheel I’m sure!


Next up was this animal, no idea what it is but still beautiful none the less.

Some gigantic bird thing…

It’s camel time! Now I must confess I am terrified of them. My window soon went up when so noticed they were in the field!

How to make a women who’s scared of camels even more so? Walk towards her. Now I really am freaking!

Again no idea what this is…

And again…

More mysterious animals!

Finally an animal I do know! The Rhino!!!

And another one!

Finally we entered the lion enclosure how gorgeous is he? 

The safari was over so we headed to look around the grounds. First stop for me was the bathroom. Shaniah stayed outside with both Ryan and his parents. Upon leaving the bathroom I was greeted with all of them in hysterics. Am I trailing toilet tissue from one of my shoes? What’s happened?  It turns out Shaniah was holding Ryan’s mothers hand and she parped so Shaniah gave her a look of disgust, let go and grabbed hold of Ryan’s hand looked up and him and said “that’s disgusting” toddlers will be toddlers aye! Haha.

Next up was the boat ride to see the seals… We love this part. We stood in line as they take a photo of you before you go on an ever growing queue made asking for the flash to be turned off very hard I don’t like to make a fuss about my epilepsy especially when I know it’s going to cause disruption but fair play to them, they were. Extremely understanding!

After the boat ride was up we decided to call it a day and head home. We stopped off at McDonald’s to get a bite for dinner. By this time Shaniah was knackered and just wanted to be in bed.

A couple of hours later we got home and Shaniah was more than happy to finally be in her bed. 

We all had a wonderful day out in what was the hottest day of the month so far. Beautiful, beautiful weather and every better company.

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