Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe. Our Review

If there is anything Shaniah loves more than Mo Salah, it’s being outdoors. There’s just something that makes her seem as though she is at her happiest whenever she is outdoors. We all love being outdoors and I guess that one of the many perks of living in the Cotswold’s is of course the fact that there is greenery and fields where ever we turn meaning that we are never too far from a place to stretch our legs.

Shaniah loves to go on afternoon walks or evening trips to the park none of which is done without bringing something to play on/with, whether that be a football, bike or scooter.

Shaniah was recently sent the Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe and it has been by Shaniah’s side ever since.

Purple mini micro scooter

My views.

From a parents point of view I honestly think that the Mini Micro Scooter is the best scooter out there on the market for the younger child. Micro have thought about it all and instead of turning the handle bars to steer all Shaniah has to do is lean in the direction that she wants to go, which is perfect for parents because we don’t need to quickly grab the handle bars and steer them away from the wall. This feature is also perfect for children too as it helps them to improve co-ordination and balance whilst also building their confidence.

What’s more, the handle bar can be adjusted to grow with the child which I think is perfect for getting the most out of the product.

Shaniah’s views.

Shaniah riding her scooter in her liverpool fc kit down a track.

I am yet to put this scooter down. It comes with us on our daily school run to and from school, it comes with us when we head to the park, it basically comes with us everywhere we go. I love it because although it has 3 wheels it still manages to get some speed behind it and as a youngster speed plays a very important role in the choice of toy. You can’t spend time dawdling around when you’re 4, it’s the fast lane or nothing.

I love how you only need to lean in the direction that you want to go because I find that regular scooters are hard to work and often lead me off in another direction. I feel much more confident when I am on my Micro scooter as I am not wobbling all over the place, I can concentrate on getting to where I want to go and because of the scooters three wheels I find myself more stable when I’m scooting along at speed.

The foot brake is perfect for when I need to slow myself down as it stops me within seconds however I often forget about the brake and use my shoes, something my mum isn’t happy with me doing as I am wearing my shoes out too quickly!

Shanaih riding her scooter on the path

Overall Verdict.

Overall, I think that this scooter is perfect for children aged 3 and over. It’s sturdy and robust. The anodised scratch-resistant stem and rust-resistant frame makes it perfect for all the adventures that youngsters get up to.

I am really, really pleased with this scooter and the top class features that are packed in to this lightweight ride-on. One must have gift this Christmas.

Dislciamer: We were gifted this scooter. All opinions and photo's are my own.

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