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Meeting Father Christmas. Longeat, December 2016.

Christmas is a magical time for anyone young or old. It’s a time of celebration, family and joy. We always make the effort to see Father Christmas as that’s what makes Christmas for children.

Ryan’s parents treated us all to a day out at longeat to meet Father Christmas himself! It was a lovely day spent with Ryan, his mother and father, his brother Luke and his fiancee Kayliegh and their beautiful daughter Freya.

The way Ryan’s parents have welcomed us into the family is just so lovely, couldn’t ask for a better family.❤

Longleat made it so, so special for the children. They decorated the little train (that usually takes people around the grounds of longeat to see all their wonderful animals) all christmasy and it took us to Santa’s grotto.

On the train!

Off we went! Next stop Santa’s grotto! I think I was more excited than Shaniah. Longeat made it as Christmasy and magical as possible even adding fake snow.

Santa’s grotto is getting closer!

Santa’s reindeer’s are here ready for Christmas eve!
How cute are these little guys?

We arrived! The queue may look long in the photos but it went down fairly quickly. To keep the children amused whilst they waited Santa’s elves came around with magical chocolate coins (everybody loves those right?) And they had a sheltered area where the children could make Christmas cards or write their Christmas gift list and post it in the letterbox by the elf. Before no time It was Shaniah and Freyas turn to meet santa. None of them were keen on father Christmas Shaniah taking shelter in between my legs! I don’t think many young children like meeting santa for the first couple of times. Santa held a conversation with them both although neither replied to what he was saying, then santa revealed their presents and suddenly santa was Shaniah’s best friend. Why do children do this? We were all shocked at how amazing the presents were! It wasn’t a book like I had when I was little it was a full on toy.  Santa you did good mate. Our time with santa was over so off we went to the train.

The incredible gift from Father Christmas.

This experience was utterly incredible and definitely a moment we shall all cherish for years to come.
It’s so lovely to spend time as a family and it’s even nicer that Shaniah and Freya are close in age as they can play together.

After the excitement of meeting santa they were both sparko throughout the journey home. Bingo!

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