Meal Plan Week 51

Ooh I have not done one of these in ages, so this is very overdue. I cannot believe how close we are to Christmas now; I mean we are that close I can practically taste the Turkey! I would like to think that I am somewhat near the finish line with my whole Christmas gift purchasing, even though Shaniah seems to rewrite her list every couple of days, why do children do this to us?

Anyway, on to the food, this week we are trying to live out of the freezer as much as possible to make room for the endless amount of chocolate gateau and obligatory party foods that we as a family seem to consume throughout the festive period. Last week was actually an exceptionally good week for meal planning, we managed to stick to all 7 days which is a super rare event!

So here is how last week went down:

Monday: Chicken Burgers. We bought the Birds Eye 4 Chicken Quarter Pounders on a whim during a recent (but essential) trip to Tesco, we don’t usually go for these but the ones that we usually have been out of stock but actually, these are the crunchiest, tastiest chicken burgers that we’ve had in a long time so we’ve been converted! Ryan would have them multiple times a week given half the chance.

Tuesday: Tacos. As you may well know, Shaniah is addicted to all things Mexican. And will quite happily live on Mexican/tex-mex dishes until the end of time. Last Tuesday I was cooking the mince for cottage pie when she ran in with the worlds biggest smile and said “I know what we are having for dinner mummy, it’s tacos isn’t it” followed by the most excited giggle I have heard in a long time. Obviously, I had to knock her down and tell her that it was cottage pie, to which she protested and refused to even touch. These tacos went down a storm!

Wednesday: I cannot remember what I cooked Wednesday. Oops!

Thursday: Carbonara. This dish was well overdue, however I forgot just how filling this dish is. Shaniah did not entertain the idea of cheesy pasta with bacon so she had the obligatory chicken nuggets and chips, the chicken nuggets were Christmas tree shaped so they were obviously far better than any nugget that had gone before it.

Friday: Slow cooker beef curry. I got this dish from the Smart Recipes app by Change 4 life ages ago, but it is still a firm favourite. Brilliant for the days where Ryan’s working late but Shaniah has an appetite of a giant.

Saturday: Chinese Takeaway. We usually save this for Sundays however, Ryan changed his fishing day from Sunday to Saturday which obviously meant that our takeaway days had to change too. Yes, I know what you are also thinking, why the blooming hell is Ryan still fishing in winter, and my answer to that is, I do not have the foggiest idea.

Sunday: McDonalds. We were out late trying to find a last-minute outfit for Shaniah’s school Christmas party, (still a better social life than me) so obviously a McDonalds was the only way forward.

So here is what we are having this week… Spoiler, it is nothing lavish!

Monday: Minted lamb leg steaks with mashed potato, carrots, and peas.

For me, Mint sauce is on par with garlic, I just cannot get enough of it!

Tuesday: Chicken burgers.

Pic Credit: 253696011_1_640x640.jpg (640×640) (

Like I said, Ryan would have it multiple times a week if he could, so we compromised and had it two weeks in a row instead (insert eye roll here).

Wednesday: Fish fingers, chips, and mixed veg.

Freeing up the freezer, one meal at a time. All jokes aside, I do actually love simple meals like this, it’s like a nod to the ’90s where parents would serve this up and down the land without a single ounce of judgement. I bet those were the days.

Thursday: Lemon Chicken and egg fried rice.

photo credit: Chinese Lemon Chicken – Dinner, then Dessert

Believe it or not, I am making this meal with some ingredients from the freezer, just adapting this recipe from Dinner then Dessert. Shaniah has her Christmas dinner at school today so she will most likely just have a picky plate for dinner.

Friday: Spaghetti Bolognese.

Photo credit: spaghetti-bolognese-106560-1.jpeg (3000×2000) (

Simple yet super scrumptious. A proper hearty dish.

Saturday: Sausage and Mash and onion gravy.

Photo credit: Sausage-and-Gravy_-5.jpg (1200×857) (

Another super hearty dish. You cannot not have this during the winter months.

Sunday: Takeaway.

Can only mean one thing, Ryan is fishing, again!


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