Meal Plan – Week 48

We had a meal plan and we stuck to it, even with last week being a complete write-off. Shaniah had to stay home last because she had conjunctivitis in both eyes and on Thursday I had a full-blown seizure, which annoyed me as I haven’t had one for the longest time.

Anyway, here’s a recap on last weeks meals.

Monday: Stir Fry.

Shaniah actually decided on Stir fry in the end. It was going really well, I asked her to help me cook and she was saying it looked yummy until I threw in the large variety of vegetables. She turned her nose up at it, refused to cook any longer and she ended up eating something else. Drama queen.

Tuesday: Burgers.

It’s not the healthiest of meals. so of course, my child demolished every last bit.

Wednesday: Butter chicken curry.

Another dish that was loved by all.

Thursday: We changed spaghetti Bolognese to chilli con carne at Shaniah’s request (now there’s a surprise!) This was half eaten, but I did do this late as I had an emergency appointment.

Friday: Sausage Pasta Bake.

Turns out, Shaniah isn’t a fan of pasta anymore – so she had sausages, chips and cucumber. Always the healthy child…

Saturday: Chicken, dauphinoise potatoes and garlicky green beans.

With Shaniah being off ill, we actually went to watch Frozen 2 on Friday (it was brilliant!) So we ate at home. This was actually really welcomed.

Sunday: Bangers and Mash (with onion gravy).

Shaniah is not a fan of mashed potato or even gravy for that matter so she had a sort of sausage roast – without the gravy.

On to this week.

Monday: Carbonara.

We all love this meal. It’s quick, cheap and easy which is also a massive win for me on a Monday.

Tuesday: Chicken and Bacon potato bake.

I love this dish. I can remember having it as a child in a holiday camp and it’s stayed my favourite dish ever since – I just wish they’d have given me their chocolate fudge cake recipe!

Wednesday: Paprika chicken with spicy rice and chips.

Love this dish, again super quick and easy.

Thursday: Bolognese with garlic bread.

I really wanted this last week but Shaniah had over plans. I am determined to get my way though!

Friday: Fish fingers, potato wedges and veg.

Some days frozen food is a must to save my sanity. Today is one of those days.

Saturday: Fish in parsley sauce with mashed potato and peas.

Nice and simple, I like it.

Sunday: Elf welcome party.

Say no more.

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