Meal Plan Week 31

Oh boy, what a week that was. I should have known that the week was going to be a car crash the moment I asked Ryan to help me out with Monday’s dinner and he ended up burning it so badly we had to take a spontaneous trip to McDonald’s AND throw away a saucepan! And that pretty much set the theme for the week.

On a more positive note, I have Ocado coming today! I am so happy that I have finally been able to secure a delivery!

Firstly, lets recap on the week that was. HA!

Monday: Chicken, bacon, potato bake. I am so gutted that this didn’t happen. I mean we gave it a try but the whole house started to smell burnt and the cheese sauce had horrendous burnt bits floating around. It was just completely inedible. Hurrah for the reopening of McDonald’s, you saved our bellies! Shame about the pan… Shaniah was happier with the junk food anyway.

Tuesday: Bolognese pasta bake + Garlic bread. Ended up with a BBQ. The weather was actually very warm Tuesday and we are British so we cram in as many bbq’s as we possibly can right? I am sure that’s some kind of unwritten law.

Wednesday: Sausage and mashed potato. I am going to be honest here. I am so glad that this didn’t happen. I just didn’t fancy it in the end and neither did anyone else. RESULT! We ended up having the Stir-fry which is always a winner, although I never seem to do enough for the seconds that they so desperately want.

Thursday: Curry. Finally a meal that I stuck to. I whipped up a butter chicken with naan bread and poppadoms because that is Shaniah’s favourite. I kid you not, Shaniah bloody hated it. She refused to touch the curry because I put it on top of the rice. She actually spent the rest of dinner time protesting for another poppadom. Such is life.

Friday: Should have been the stir-fry, ended up being a takeaway. The van broke down and with it so did my ability to cope with the week. utterly horrendous. The takeaway was beautiful however I overdone it on the chillies and spent the evening in the restroom. Oops!

Saturday: Fish and chips. As we had a takeaway Friday we decided not to have the fish and chips today, instead, we took a trip to Tesco and picked up our new favourite – Charlie Bigham’s Ready meals. We absolutely love these. Although they are a little on the pricier side, they are totally worth it. We had chilli con Carne and it was bloody marvellous.

Sunday: Pork loin roast. Quietly and quickly announces we had yet another takeaway. I have no excuses, I just simply gave up with the week.

Anyway, these weeks happen, even to the very best planners. All you can really do is brush it under the carpet and move on.

This is what I have planned for this week…

Monday: Lasagne, Salad and Garlic bread.

With Ryan working long hours, hearty meals where we can all sit together is very much needed.

Tuesday: Sausage pasta bake

Who doesn’t love this dish? I love it because it’s super easy and nobody complains. Every parents dream.

Wednesday: Hunters chicken.

I have in the past, made this dish from scratch. However, this week, I am not. To put it bluntly, I cannot be arsed.

Friday: Pizza night.

Tesco, over to you.

Saturday: Roast.

No I am not losing my marbles. Ryan is fishing Sunday and he tends to get back super late. I really fancy a good old roast so I am going to do one Saturday so we can all enjoy it together rather than Ryan having to reheat it. Who even does that to a roast?

Sunday: Takeaway, probably.

With Ryan fishing, it’s the only logical solution, right?


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