Meal plan: Week 16.

21st May 2019

Okay, well I am well and truly back on the blogging bandwagon and LOVING IT! I took way too much time out and it made it harder and harder for me to get back into the swing of things but I am back and I have a long list of blog post ideas that I cannot wait to share with you.

First up, it’s meal plan time! I should have published this on Monday but I already had a few posts scheduled for then and I didn’t want to put them all out on one day, so today will have to do!

Although I haven’t published my meal plans for what feels like forever, Shaniah’s fussiness is still the same; if not worse! She was poorly last week which meant that her level of fussiness took a whole new level. She didn’t touch a single meal that I gave her last week and opted for simply a bread and butter sandwich with red pepper, eevverryyddaayy.

She is back to her usual self now and also back at school so I am hoping that the fast paced days will give her an appetite, I am far from hopeful though.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here is what we are having for dinner this week.

Monday – Paprika chicken with mashed potato and peas.

For this, I tend to use the Maggi So Tender Paprika chicken sheets which are both so effortless and tasty. I am pairing it with creamy mashed potato and peas. Yum.

Tuesday – Co-op meal deal.

Well, I am loving the £5 meal deals that Co-op put together. It is a great way to save money and it is always something we will all eat which is a real winner in my eyes. I do believe that this week it consists of Pizza, wedges, chicken popcorn, garlic bread and of course ice-cream!

Wednesday – Hunter’s Chicken with wedges and salad.

This is one of my favourite meals. I regularly choose this if it’s on the menu when we dine out. In fact, it was the meal that I chose when Ryan and I had our first date, although back then, I opted to have it without the cheese and sauce, so technically I just had a chicken breast. I’ve grown up since then though!

Thursday – Bolognese pasta bake with garlic bread.

This is something that Shaniah had for lunch at school one day and has requested it quite a lot since! It’s something so easy, yet something really tasty. It’s also obviously a hit with Shaniah which is always welcomed.

Friday – Beef curry.

I love, love, love this dish! I can cook it on the hob or leave it to cook in the slow cooker, the options are their but either way it tastes mighty fine. It is full of both flavour and a wide range of vegetables which is always good. It’s also not overly hot so Shaniah enjoys it too! What a win.

Saturday – Carbonara

Weekends are usually super busy for us, and this weekend is no different. A quick and simple Carbonara will slot in perfectly.

Sunday – Enchiladas

Again, another rather busy day for us. We would usually have a roast on Sunday but we are at a birthday party so Enchiladas works perfectly.

That’s our meal plan for the week. What are you having?

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