Meal Plan: Week 15.

8th April 2019

Ugh. What a week that was. I can’t go into too much detail as it is still ongoing but f*ck me, I am glad that that week is over. In terms of how last weeks meal plan went, it went the same way as the week did. TITS BLOODY UP.

I wrote last week about how I believed that it was going to be one of the best weeks for getting Shaniah to eat, just because the majority of it was Mexican. Gah, looking back at myself now I want to laugh! What an idiot. Sure she still loves Mexican; she just prefers to eat the results of those square cardboard boxes of Mexican kits rather than her mother’s blood, sweat and tear versions. Unbelievable wait no, it is believable.

Anyway, here’s an insight to just how terrible this past week was.

So, Monday we were supposed to have Chicken Supreme. We didn’t. Shaniah decided earlier on in the day that she had grown a hatred for the dish overnight, so we ended up with Chicken pie, new potatoes and mixed veg. Once it was served up in front of her, she decided that pie was also on her avoid list. Great.

On to Tuesday, A new day, right? Haha, as if. It was meant to be enchiladas, but Shaniah saw the Taco kit box and decided that she would rather the boats of yumminess. No prizes for guessing how this meal turned out.
Same sh*t different day.

Wednesday, Was Chilli Con Carne and we had that! Shaniah ate the majority of what I put in front of her, so I threw myself a little party. Jokes, I just stuffed my face with a Lindt Bunny and regretted it several days later when my face broke out in a shedload of spots.

It was the turn of Chicken and Pasta bake Thursday; however, we decided that we couldn’t wait any longer for the fajitas, so fajitas it was. Considering I made them from scratch, I was feeling pretty pleased with the outcome. Shaniah however, proceeded to tell me the chicken had slimy sauce on it (it didn’t, shes just ridiculously fussy) and then moaned that I didn’t let her make it herself. Can I ever win?

Friday, I gave up cooking altogether and took her to McDonald’s, you know? The home of seriously unhealthy meals? Yep. Funny enough, this was the day she decided to eat every-single-last-piece. I reckon that she was super hungry with the lack of eating the previous days that she would have eaten whatever I put in front of her that day anyhow, it couldn’t possibly be down to the fact my child loves the greasy life.

Saturday we went out to a local “All you can eat” Chinese Buffet with Ryan’s parents. Shaniah has never been to one of these places before, and I was overly naive to think that She would eat a proper meal here. The fact that she was allowed to get up and move around to get her dinner became a sort of novelty. Did she eat anything? Actually yes she did, two plates full of orange wedges – twelve in total.

Sunday. Shaniah requested Old El Paso’s Chicken and Rice dish for the one-millionth time this year (eye-roll). She ate half of it then declared it too hot for her delicate taste buds. Ryan went for a one-tray salmon dish which I wish I also had.

salmon on a bed of asparagus and broccoli, topped with lemon slices.

This week we WILL have:

Monday: Apple and Stilton One-pan Pork Chops. This is a massive family favourite. I first discovered this dish in my From Mother to Mother recipe book and have gone on to adapt it to my families tastebuds. It is super yummy and highly recommended.

Tuesday: Creamy Mushroom Chicken. I tend to serve this with basmati and wild rice as well as some asparagus. No Shaniah doesn’t eat the greens.

Wednesday: Fish in Parsley sauce with Mashed potato and peas. A simple meal yet one that is surprisingly enjoyed by all, including the fussy one.

Thursday: Chicken burgers. Served in a Brioche bun with chips, salad and coleslaw. Oh how I am looking forward to this!

Friday: Toad in the hole. Served with mashed potato and vegetables. I cannot believe I haven’t tried this with Shaniah before!

Saturday: Sweet and sour chicken with Rainbow veg.

Sunday: Chicken Kiev with crispy potatoes, salad and coleslaw.

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