Meal Plan: Week 12.

18th March 2019

It’s Monday which means that it is meal plan time. There wasn’t one last week as I was run down with a pesky chest infection which meant that I just threw together whatever I could be bothered to do on the day before running back to bed and calling it a day. Anyway, here is what we ended up having and like usual I will give you the low down.

Monday: Carbonara. Something so simple, yet something that Shaniah refused to eat, I ended up giving her one of the Asda little kids ready made meals which she also didn’t like so overall, a bloody success? HAHA!

Tuesday: Sweet and Sour chicken with rice. Another day another dish that Shaniah refused to eat. She ended up with chicken nuggets and chips and was loving life. I actually really loved this dish and cannot wait to make it again, it was so simple!

Wednesday: I think this was something to do with chicken but I can’t remember what I did. Pretty sure Shaniah didn’t eat it though…

Thursday: Chicken supreme. Shaniah actually picked this dish so I had high hopes, they were soon shattered when I dished it up to the response “eww no mummy, I don’t like that. I don’t like sauce.” before bursting in to tears and launching herself at the stairs. Fussy? I loved this dish and again, it was super easy – I believe I prepared and cooked it in under 30 minutes!

Friday: Beef burgers. Hurrah! Today a meal was actually consumed by the little one. shocker I know, the most unhealthy dish of the week was eaten without a second thought. Typical.

Saturday: Old El Paso One Pan Chicken Rice dish. Shaniah loves ALL things Mexican so it was no surprise that this dish was consumed within minutes and seconds were requested.

Sunday: It was a Beef roast kind of day. We were back to the fussy stage. Shaniah protested her hatred for roasts. After a few minutes she calmed down and asked for Mayonnaise only to then inform me that the mayo had now ruined her dinner and she couldn’t possibly eat it now. Roast potatoes were finally eaten once we told her they were just funny shaped chips. I slaved in the kitchen all afternoon for this meal kid.

Well last week was a success… This week I am feeling 90% better and we are back to a meal plan. Here is this weeks addition of “food my child will not eat” enjoy.

MONDAY: Chilli Con Carne.
I serve Shaniah’s with rice and tortilla chips while I have mine in a Jacket potato – my absolute fav!

TUESDAY: Beef Stroganoff. I can already feel this becoming an absolute failure. When I have grabbed the Tesco ready meal version in the past Shaniah has ALWAYS requested some, however she never seems to like what I cook so…

I tend to serve this with mixed vegetables and garlic bread because, yum.

THURSDAY: Pasta Bake.
We ALL love pasta bake here. Although Shaniah will only eat it if it is Minion shaped pasta. Really it should be called “Minion Pasta Bake” however, I feel like that sounds as though I am cooking minions and that makes me feel bad.

FRIDAY: KFC fakeaway.
Shaniah lives for KFC, the tantrums that go on in the back of the car whenever we pass one without stopping backs me up. I do make my homemade version from time to time and for the majority, she will eat it even if she is sad that it isn’t the real deal.

SATURDAY: Chicken Kievs.
I realised the other day when doing my online shop, that Shaniah has never actually tried chicken kievs. I feel that this may be something that she will actually like so I am going to serve it with her favourite potato squares and some veg in hopes that she will enjoy. I doubt it.

SUNDAY: Roast.
We as a family have started to really enjoy the weekly roasts. We went through a stage where it felt a little repetitive but by simply switching up the vegetables and trimmings it makes it much more enjoyable.

Will she eat any of this? We will see!

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