Meal plan: Week 10.

4th March 2019

Another week another meal plan. Remember last week’s meal plan where I was raving about the fact that Shaniah loves the majority of her veg? Yeah, it seems as though that was a major fluke, because last week she wouldn’t entertain any kind of vegetable except a carrot (raw of course) and a pepper. The meal plan as a whole went as well as could be expected with a child who is the fussiest of it’s kind.

Monday: Fakeaway Kebab.
Let’s face it, this was always going to be a winner wasn’t it? The unhealthiest of meals usually are. Shaniah loved this dish and once she smothered it all in Mayo, she loved it even more than that.
Tuesday: Was meant to be Sausage and mash but we ended up having Chilli Con Carne. Shaniah is a lover for all things spicy, I don’t know where that came from because I cannot stand heat. She actually had seconds of this dish and all the plates were empty, I think that has got to be a win.
Wednesday: Braised Steaks with gravy.
This was a dish that shaniah used to love but for some reason she just wasn’t interested in it this week, there was no way that she was going to finish meat and all she ate on the plate were the chips. Standard.
Thursday: Paprika chicken breasts with Mediterranean rice and Salad.
This dish is another one of Shaniah’s favourites and apart from the aubergine in the rice she had a clean plate.
Friday: Baked potatoes with chilli con carne turned into cottage pie! Shaniah refused to entertain the idea and she ended up having Chicken poppets and chips with a sliced pepper. I thought the Cottage pie was absolutely beautiful but there we go…
Saturday: We were meant to have veggie burgers however we ended up having Chicken and Bacon in a cheese sauce with herby baby potatoes and Brocolli. Everyone loves this dish and as it is super cheap and easy to make I love it all the more too!
Sunday: Obligatory roast. We decided to have a leg of lamb instead of beef and it was lovely. Shaniah swapped the lamb for chicken nuggets but despite that she ate it all. what a win.

This week we are having:

Monday: Chicken Curry with Poppadoms and Naan bread.

You can’t go wrong with a curry, it is super simple and easy and a great way to get some vegetables down your child, Shaniah always requests all the trimmings so that is what we do. I am so looking forward to this!

Tuesday: Baked potatoes with bolognese or Chilli ( I haven’t decided yet!)

Like I explained last week, Shaniah isn’t a fan of potatoes (unless they come in the form of chips) so she will either have spaghetti or rice depending on what I decide to do with the minced beef. I will have mine with a jacket potato because I am loving them at the moment, so simple yet super yummy. I will serve this with a side of salad.

Wednesday: Sausage and mash with onion gravy and peas.

We didn’t have this last week and I really fancied it so here it is making an appearance again on this weeks meal plan.

Thursday: Fish fingers with wedges and mixed vegetables.

Sometimes you just need to have a junk meal. Not really setting any healthy examples here but… We will be making the fish fingers ourselves so that kind of makes it a little better right?

Friday: Meatballs with sauce and pasta.

I haven’t tried Shaniah with meatballs before so this will be an interesting one…

Saturday: Carbonara.

This is a firm favourite in my household, again it is super cheap and quick to do and the empty plates make it all the more worth it.

Sunday: Roast beef with all the trimmings.

I didn’t get my beef last week but I am determined to get it this week.

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